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@Parents, holding a pen like this may be myopic! Is your child holding the pen correctly?

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:01:06

@Parents, holding a pen like this may be myopic! Is your child holding the pen correctly?

"Doctor, why is my child exercising outdoors for more than 2 hours every day, and he doesn't play with electronic products? Why is he still short-sighted?" If you don't pay attention to your writing posture when you study, it's hard not to be nearsighted! Many parents know that sitting posture will affect children's eyesight, but they do not know that sitting posture is sometimes affected by the pen-holding posture. Have you found that the child's pen is leaning forward, the pen is in his hand, and his eyes are almost glued to the workbook? This wrong writing posture can make a child miserable! If the child wants to read the words clearly, the head will be inclined to the left side of the writing pen, and the eyes will be closer to the paper surface, which will lay a hidden danger for the child's myopia. Studies have shown that 80% of primary school students in our country have grip problems when writing. Eight departments of the country jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents", which put forward clear requirements for correcting bad writing habits, wrong pen holding posture, etc., and proposed the concept of "one foot, one punch, one inch", that is, eyes and books The distance should be about one foot, the distance between the chest and the desk should be about one punch, and the distance between the finger holding the pen and the tip of the pen should be about one inch. 1. There are three common wrong grip postures for children: 1. The wrist is tilted back: the center of gravity will move forward when the wrist is tilted backward, and the child's body center of gravity will involuntarily move forward when writing, resulting in the phenomenon of lying on the table and hunchback. ②Thumb clasp the index finger: when the thumb is stacked on the index finger, the thumb will cover part of the vision of the right eye, resulting in inconsistent focus between the two eyes. ③ Forward wrist tilt: The forward tilt of the wrist leads to insufficient force, and the child's writing speed will decrease after a long time. When answering the test questions, children will suffer greatly when they write, which will affect their test scores. 2 How does the child hold the pen correctly and write? The thumb and index finger are one inch away from the tip of the pen, the middle finger is below, the thumb and index finger are in a circle, the ring finger and the little finger are hooked up and placed under the middle finger. If you maintain this pen-holding position, when the child sits upright, the line of sight will not be blocked, and there is no need to lower the head or tilt the head to the left, so as to ensure the proper distance between the eyes and the book. When writing, the thumb and index finger holding the pen are not crossed, so that the fingers will not block the sight. The pen barrel is close to the index finger, which enables better force when writing, and it is also easy to maintain the correct sitting posture. In order to facilitate memory, please remember the following tips for holding the pen: from the tip of the pen, one inch away, pinch with two fingers, rest with the middle finger, and use four or five fingers to help, the pen barrel is leaning against the base of the finger, and the palm is empty to remember. Maintaining the correct posture for reading, writing and holding a pen is very important for the prevention and control of myopia in children! As a parent, you must tighten this string

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