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"Below" often feels itching, in addition to gynecological diseases, girls also need to consider these 3 reasons

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:31:34

"Below" often feels itching, in addition to gynecological diseases, girls also need to consider these 3 reasons

Under normal circumstances, women will not inexplicably feel itching in their private parts. If this happens, find out the cause. Most of the gynecological diseases are developing. Among them, vaginitis develops, local inflammation occurs, and itching is a common phenomenon. It may also be accompanied by increased secretions, unpleasant odor and other manifestations. It is determined to be caused by a disease, and it is better to cooperate with treatment as soon as possible. However, it is not all gynecological health problems that itching in women's private parts is unbearable, and there may be other factors.

1. Allergies

Women find itching in their private parts unbearable and need to determine whether they are allergic. Allergies may appear systemically or locally. If some of the ingredients contained in the close-fitting products cause allergies and come into contact with the skin of the private parts, there will be local allergies. Allergies are often manifested by skin rashes and persistent itching. This change needs to be distinguished from common gynecological diseases. If necessary, it can be improved by taking anti-allergic drugs. General drugs work normally, and allergy symptoms are very high. It will be relieved soon, otherwise it will affect normal life. Of course, follow-up clothing and personal items that can cause allergies should be kept away and not used again, otherwise allergy symptoms will be triggered.

2. Not paying attention to hygiene

The private parts of women are inexplicably itchy and feel uncomfortable. In this case, it is necessary to know whether the cleaning work is not done well. If you want to keep the private parts clean and hygienic, careful cleaning is the key point. You can wash it with water when you take a bath every day, which can keep the local area dry and hygienic to the greatest extent. Of course, the stronger the cleaning power, the better. Some people repeatedly wash with detergent and shower gel, which may destroy the local acid-base balance, reduce the resistance and cause gynecological diseases to appear. Moderate cleaning is the way to maintain health. And some people are too sloppy, do not pay attention to hygiene, only take a shower once in a few days, and their personal clothes are not changed in time, which may cause itching.

3. Invasion of parasites

The itching of private parts may be due to the invasion of parasites. There are many types of parasites, and some parasites are small and difficult to It has been observed with the naked eye and can be parasitized through a variety of ways. Many women have pubic lice that bite the skin in their private parts, hide in the hair around the private parts, draw blood as a source of nutrition, and continue to itch after repeated bites. If this is the reason, the parasitic environment of the parasite should be destroyed in time, and it should be improved as soon as possible by paying attention to hygiene and rational drug use. To sum up, it can be seen that the causes of itching in the private parts of women are relatively complex, and it is not necessarily a gynecological health problem. Of course, if there is repeated itching, the first suspicion is gynecological diseases. You can go to the gynecological department for a detailed examination. If gynecological diseases are ruled out, you must find out whether there are other factors. Only by finding out the specific reasons and treating the symptoms can the recovery be as soon as possible.

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