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What is the difference between "Yin" B-ultrasound and ordinary B-ultrasound? Women need to understand these 3 differences

Posting time:2023-01-31 12:14:12

What is the difference between "Yin" B-ultrasound and ordinary B-ultrasound? Women need to understand these 3 differences

When checking the body, you should be highly cooperative, prepare well before the examination, understand the pros and cons of the examination items, and then choose the appropriate means of examination according to the disease situation you want to know. I believe everyone is familiar with B-ultrasound. As a very popular imaging examination in routine examinations, in addition to understanding the growth and development of the fetus in the belly of pregnant women, it is also helpful for the diagnosis of various diseases. But some people ask, what is the difference between vaginal ultrasound and ordinary ultrasound?

1. The inspection requirements are different

Although they are both called B-ultrasounds, ordinary B-ultrasounds are different from negative ultrasounds , In the process, you should choose the suitable one according to your own needs, and the inspection requirements are different. In order to know the health of the patient's bladder, pancreas, spleen and other organs in ordinary B-ultrasound, the doctor will ask the patient to check in the state of holding back urine. question. The vaginal ultrasound is different. Basically, there is no need to hold back the urine. Instead, the patient is required to empty the urine. Compared with the ordinary ultrasound, the vaginal ultrasound is more convenient, faster and saves time. However, you should be cautious when choosing ordinary B-ultrasound or negative B-ultrasound, and make judgments based on the items you want to know.

2. Vaginal B-ultrasound is only suitable for women.

Normal B-mode ultrasound is different from vaginal B-mode ultrasound. Vaginal B-mode ultrasound is only suitable for women. The results are not very different, but in the process of vaginal B-ultrasound, it is necessary to put the probe through the vagina into the woman's interior, so as to observe whether there is any internal health problem, especially when diagnosing gynecological diseases. This test is very common. In addition, vaginal B-ultrasound can also provide a more detailed understanding of a woman's conception, and whether it is an ectopic pregnancy can be clearly known. If the ordinary B-ultrasound is selected at this time, the accuracy is not as high as that of the vaginal B-ultrasound. Therefore, if you want to know the pregnancy situation or whether there are gynecological problems, most of them will choose the vaginal B-ultrasound.

3. Different effects after examination

There are differences in the adaptability of ordinary B-ultrasound and vaginal B-ultrasound. For women who have not yet experienced sexual life and have a complete hymen , It is recommended to choose the vaginal B-ultrasound only if you have to, because the probe needs to be used during the inspection process, and the probe entering the vagina will destroy the hymen. If you can use ordinary B-mode ultrasound, you should avoid vaginal B-mode ultrasound. Compared with ordinary B-mode ultrasound, you have more concerns about vaginal B-mode ultrasound. This is the difference between the two. From the above content, we can know in detail that which items to choose during the examination should be considered comprehensively according to one's own physical condition and the type of disease to be judged. It seems that they are all imaging examinations. The differences must be understood in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by wrong choices.

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