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When a woman has spleen deficiency, there may be 4 hazards in the body, and you may be able to judge by observing these 3 parts of the body

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When a woman has spleen deficiency, there may be 4 hazards in the body, and you may be able to judge by observing these 3 parts of the body

The spleen is a lymphoid organ in the human body, which can secrete lymphocytes, and also has functions such as filtering blood and transporting and transforming blood. However, the spleen is easily stimulated by some adverse factors, resulting in abnormal normal function, which will lead to the appearance of spleen deficiency. Especially for some female population, the probability of spleen deficiency will be particularly high. Once the spleen is deficient in women, the function of multiple organs will decline, which will have a greater impact on health. So, what are the dangers of spleen deficiency in women? 1. Slow metabolism The spleen has the function of water transport, which can transport some excess water in the body. If there is a problem of spleen deficiency, it will cause a lot of water to accumulate in the body, which can easily cause edema. And it will also cause the metabolic function to become slower, and a large amount of water, fat and other substances cannot be excreted in time, which will gradually make women's bodies out of shape, resulting in obesity. 2. Affecting the skin The spleen has the function of filtering blood. If the function of the spleen decreases and cannot purify the blood, a large amount of metabolites and other substances will appear in the blood. These substances will enter the skin with the blood circulation, making the skin prone to pigmentation, yellowing, dullness and loss of elasticity. 3. Affecting menstruation When most women experience spleen deficiency, they will be accompanied by blood deficiency and qi deficiency, resulting in poor circulation of qi and blood, thus affecting the blood supply to the ovaries and uterus. Abnormal levels of hormones in women's body will affect the normal proliferation and shedding of the endometrium, resulting in abnormal menstruation in women. For example, there will be dysmenorrhea, or changes in menstrual periods and changes in menstrual volume. 4. Decreased physical ability Due to spleen deficiency, it is difficult for the qi and blood in the female body to be smooth, which will affect the normal blood supply of various organs and reduce the function of the organs. Over time, women's physical fitness will gradually decline, and a series of abnormalities such as shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitation, and excessive fatigue will appear. So, how to judge whether a woman has a spleen deficiency problem? 1. Observe the external image For women with spleen deficiency, the skin will become yellow and dull. Or prone to freckles, acne, and prone to oil. Especially after getting up in the morning, this phenomenon is more obvious. At the same time, these women will also be accompanied by swollen eyelids, swollen calf or deformed body. 2. Observation of defecation problems Women with spleen deficiency will have diarrhea when defecation, or the stool is too sticky, and the stool sticks to the toilet and is difficult to flush down. Such women will also experience abdominal distention and pain, or a series of discomforts such as loss of appetite and indigestion. 3. Observe the tongue coating After getting up in the morning, women can observe their own tongue coating. If the tongue coating is yellow and greasy or the tongue coating is white and greasy, it is generally related to spleen deficiency. These women also suffer from bad breath, dry mouth, bitter taste, and recurrent mouth ulcers. All in all, if a woman has a deficiency of the spleen, it will cause the metabolism to slow down, the skin will become very poor, and it will affect menstruation and physical strength. Therefore, women must pay attention to observation in daily life. If the skin, body, defecation, and tongue coating are abnormal, it is generally related to spleen deficiency. So women here are best to take some Chinese medicines for conditioning under the guidance of a doctor, and to adjust their diet and work and rest. It should also be appropriate to increase some exercise every day, and add some warm water appropriately, which has the effect of improving spleen deficiency.

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