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A summer child suffers from tics! Doctor: Really don't force the child like this anymore

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:30:44

A summer child suffers from tics! Doctor: Really don't force the child like this anymore

Recently, a parent in Hangzhou, Zhejiang found that the child's eyes would turn up involuntarily, and quickly took the child to the Children's Hospital for treatment. As soon as the doctor saw the child's symptoms, he asked the parents if the child had more interest classes during the summer vacation. Sure enough, the parents said that their children will be in the second grade after school starts, and they signed up their children for four training courses in Go, swimming, calligraphy and English. In one day, children spend up to 6 hours in class. In addition, the rest of the time children have to complete school assignments, reading, sports, etc. The doctor finally came to the conclusion that the child had tics, and the reason for the illness was related to the study pressure. Like this parent, many parents hope to help their children through various training courses, so that their children can have a good grade and a good future. However, they ignore the harm this may bring to the child.

Affects children's vision

I wonder if you have noticed that more and more children are short-sighted now. According to statistics, in recent years, the myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country has reached 52.7%. In addition to the long use of electronic products, the reason for the high rate of myopia in children is the lack of outdoor sports. Most parents pay more attention to their children's cultural class scores. In their spare time, children are either doing homework or attending training classes, and they have only a handful of time to participate in outdoor sports. In the TV series "Little Shede", Tian Yulan, who hopes her son will become a dragon, is a typical mother who pays more attention to cultural lessons and less sports. In order to let her son Ziyou take a few more math Olympiad lessons, she firmly disagreed with Ziyou playing football. This kind of behavior of squeezing children's outdoor exercise time in exchange for children's cultural lessons is actually not worth the loss. Studies have shown that the strong sunlight exposure can stimulate the human pupil to shrink, which in turn makes pupil imaging clearer. Therefore, if children are often exposed to outdoor sunlight, myopia can be alleviated to a certain extent.

Affects children's brain development

Our human brain is divided into three systems: the nucleus system, the limbic system and the cortex. The cerebral nucleus system is the first system in the brain to develop, responsible for our breathing, heartbeat, wakefulness, movement, sleep, balance system and so on. Next to develop is the limbic system, which in addition to controlling our actions, emotions, memory and other functions, is also responsible for regulating our body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. The cortical system is mainly responsible for analyzing judgment and self-control. The brain's final development system normally does not develop rapidly until adolescence. It has been proved by brain science that if children aged 6-12 are under too much pressure, the development of the limbic system may be terminated prematurely and the development of the cortical system will be directly started. This will cause the child's limbic system to not be fully developed, which will lead to problems such as poor emotional control, low self-esteem, weak exercise ability, abnormal blood pressure and blood sugar when the child grows up. The Hunan Provincial Brain Hospital once treated a sixth-grade child. According to the parents of the child, the child was facing the final exam at that time. In order to get good grades, he did 8 sets of exam papers in a row one night. As a result, the next morning, the parents found that the child began to babble. The doctor diagnosed that the child suffered from autoimmune encephalitis due to long-term fatigue. Therefore, the excessive behavior of parents will undoubtedly cause excessive pressure on the child, which will affect the child's brain development, which will affect the child's life.

Destruction of children's mental health

In the book "Blue Book of Mental Health", there is such a shocking set of data, the detection rate of depression in primary school is about 10%, the depression detection rate in junior high school is about 30%, and the depression detection rate in high school is about 40%. What is causing more and more children to suffer from depression? Data studies have shown that the main reason for children suffering from depression is excessive stress. Just like the example we mentioned earlier, in order for their children to stand out, parents keep signing up for various training classes, causing children to suffer from excessive pressure prematurely, which in turn leads to the occurrence of depression. In the TV series "Little Shede", Ziyou suffered from severe depression because of the excessive study pressure, and finally had to drop out of school at home. In addition to easily causing children to suffer from depression, the behavior of chicken babies can also easily lead to psychological problems in children. This kind of child from childhood to adulthood, what to do at any stage, is arranged by the parents to help him. They never know what they need, what they will do in the future, let alone why they live. Tao Yong, the author of the book Self-made, once gave a speech at a well-known university, a freshman student said that when he was in elementary school, junior high school and high school, his whole family had a common goal, which was to let him take the college entrance examination. Go to a good university. When he got into a good university as he wished, he asked his parents, what should he do next? His parents couldn't tell, and he himself felt very confused. Numerous cases have shown that excessive chicken baby will damage the mental health of children to a certain extent. Unscientific chicken babies will only ruin babies. Seeing that the chicken baby may bring so much harm to the child, would you still be willing to constantly persecute the child for the temporary achievement?

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