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Men can't be "tough", should they supplement vitamin D or vitamin C? Don't ignore these 2 reasons

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:49:41

Men can't be "tough", should they supplement vitamin D or vitamin C? Don't ignore these 2 reasons

Most men in life can go on smoothly when they have physical needs, and they are sexually stimulated to erect penis with blood, so that they perform well in the process of sexual life. However, some men have erectile dysfunction and the hardness is not up to the standard, thereby reducing the quality of sexual life. In this case, impotence should be suspected and improved in the right way. Many patients do not know whether to supplement vitamin C or vitamin D. Let's take a deeper look. Find the right method when you have erectile dysfunction, and improve it as soon as possible by understanding the cause. Whether to supplement vitamin C or vitamin D depends on the specific situation. Vitamin C is a kind of antioxidant, which is a nutrient that the human body needs to enhance its own resistance. With age, the body continues to age, the metabolic capacity becomes poor, and the ability to naturally scavenge free radicals and reactive oxides declines, which will gradually damage vascular endothelial cells over time. Under the premise of impotence, this substance can be properly supplemented to achieve antioxidant effect. Vitamin D is a substance that the body needs to facilitate calcium absorption. The appearance of erectile dysfunction in men is closely related to the dysfunction of vascular endothelial cells. Once a health problem occurs, the secretion of endothelial cells changes, and the production of neurotransmitters occurs, which will hinder penile erection. Supplementing with vitamin D can promote the secretion of nitric oxide, thereby dilating blood vessels and protecting vascular endothelial cells. This analysis shows that both vitamin C and vitamin D should be supplemented in moderation. Of course, impotence is also related to other factors, and it is important to understand. What are the causes of erectile dysfunction in men?

1. Age

Men who experience erectile dysfunction must first understand the specific reasons before choosing appropriate measures. , the body's aging is the main factor. Most men are strong and have good sexual function when they are young. However, with the advent of aging, in addition to changes in appearance, internal organs also begin to decline in function, hormone secretion changes, and it is not enough to maintain normal male sexual function. There will be erectile dysfunction to varying degrees. Some people also show loss of libido and ejaculation dysfunction. Wait. These are common conditions of aging, and we should actively fight against aging and maintain a good lifestyle to prevent it.

2. Mental factors

Erectile dysfunction in some men is actually caused by mental factors. Faced with high-intensity work for a long time, the invisible pressure in life will cause Feeling anxious, always in a negative mood of anger and tension, it will affect the endocrine and hormone secretion over time, which will affect male sexual function. If you can release the pressure you carry, keep your body and mind happy, and usually get out of the predicament by communicating with others, cultivating interests, and psychological counseling, you will naturally be enthusiastic about life and eliminate the influence of spiritual factors.

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