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Do more CT scans, can it really cause cancer? Pay attention to 3 points, or reduce damage

Posting time:2023-01-31 04:15:57

Do more CT scans, can it really cause cancer? Pay attention to 3 points, or reduce damage

If there is a suspected health problem, an early examination can be used to understand the type of disease and to recover as soon as possible through follow-up treatment. The examination involves a variety of methods, in addition to routine blood tests, physical examination, B-ultrasound examination, CT examination and so on. But some people dare not do it lightly, thinking that too much CT examination will bring radiation to the body and even cause cancer. Is it true? There is indeed a certain amount of radiation in CT examinations, but if you can go to regular hospitals and control the number of examinations, you don't have to worry about causing cancer. As far as the current research is concerned, the appearance of malignant tumors is indeed related to some ionizing radiation, but it needs to receive sufficient doses and long enough radiation to cause normal cells to become cancerous. And if the CT examination is performed only once for a long time, and the operation is standardized, there is no need to worry that it will directly cause cancer. Some people have misunderstandings and dare not do it lightly, which may delay the diagnosis of the disease. How to reduce harm?

1. Know the inspection items in advance

In order to improve the safety factor of CT inspection, many points of attention should be understood, such as height during inspection Cooperating to shorten the time spent in the examination room can also reduce the impact. Some people do not know the problems to be paid attention to in the examination in advance, and they may wear metal on their bodies, and it is strictly forbidden to carry metal articles in CT examinations. During this process, a lot of time is delayed, and if they stay in the examination room for a long time, they will suffer radiation damage. , compared with those who moved quickly and completed the rapid examination, the effect was more obvious. For the sake of safety, knowing the issues to be paid attention to in advance can make the inspection process smoother.

2. Don't check multiple times

Although there is a certain amount of radiation in CT examination, as long as this radiation is not a large dose, there is no need to worry about causing disease. The number of times is well controlled. The number of CT examinations in a year should not exceed three times. It can be replaced by other examinations that can also produce results. Otherwise, the frequency of examinations is too high, and each time a certain amount of radiation is received, which will bring harm to the body over time. harm. And those patients who have common sense and know that the examination has an impact will control the frequency well, and naturally do not have to worry about radiation-induced diseases.

3. Drink plenty of water after the examination

To reduce the impact after the CT examination, the patient should add enough water. Water is the source of life. The daily water intake of the human body can maintain circulation, maintain a good metabolism, and excrete harmful substances at the same time. The contrast agent used in CT examination should be obtained after the examination, so that the drug can be excreted more smoothly and harm can be reduced. Some people drink water only when they are thirsty, which is not advisable. It can be seen that CT examination, as a commonly used clinical examination method, produces a certain amount of radiation, but the amount of radiation is not much. As long as the frequency is well controlled, there is no need to worry about causing diseases. Of course, other common sense about the inspection should also be understood clearly, the inspection process will be smoother, it will be conducive to the diagnosis of the disease, and the results will be obtained faster.

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