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Diabetes can not drink porridge, blood sugar will soar? Do these 3 points well, sugar friends can rest assured to drink

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:24:29

Diabetes can not drink porridge, blood sugar will soar? Do these 3 points well, sugar friends can rest assured to drink

After the onset of diabetes, there are many good ways to control blood sugar, whether it is medication or lifestyle changes, which can be achieved. Some people do not respond properly after the disease appears, especially if they make mistakes in diet, they will get more food with blood sugar fluctuations, and complications will strike after the disease is aggravated. Therefore, it is necessary to understand blood sugar control skills. Some people say that the blood sugar of diabetic patients will rise rapidly after drinking porridge. Is it true? Rice porridge is the main source of energy. Many people have the habit of drinking porridge for three meals a day, but they have developed diabetes. The most important thing is not to drink too much porridge, because the main ingredients of rice porridge are rice and water, although it tastes soft Rotten, easy to digest and light, but rice porridge is rich in starch, providing these carbohydrates after ingestion, it is easy to raise blood sugar after meals. Some people drink too much porridge and continue to drink porridge, it is difficult to stabilize blood sugar, and other good methods need to be taken to keep blood sugar normal. Pay attention to what can safely drink porridge?

1. Control the amount

Pay attention to the key points so that you can drink porridge with confidence, such as not drinking too much at one time. Some people like to drink porridge, but they don't control the amount. They eat porridge three times a day and two meals a day, and if they drink two or three bowls each time, they are inadvertently ingesting too many carbohydrates, and their blood sugar will drop in a short time. Will rise, and then aggravate the disease, there will be various discomforts. Some people add other high-sugar foods to taste when they drink porridge, and the disease is more difficult to control. For the sake of health, it is necessary to control the frequency and amount of porridge consumption, so as to provide energy and nutrition without affecting the condition of diabetes.

2. Choose multigrain porridge

Do not simply drink rice porridge, it is more appropriate to choose multigrain porridge. Multigrain porridge has richer raw materials, not only rice, but also other oats, millet, black rice, etc. The addition of these grains can increase the feeling of satiety, so as not to drink too much porridge and make blood sugar rise rapidly. In addition, multi-grain porridge has other nutrients. In addition to providing carbohydrates, there are also vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and dietary fiber that can be obtained. The body's nutrition is more fully provided, which is helpful for improving resistance, and can not only satisfy the patient's drinking porridge requirements without making blood sugar unstable.

3. Pairing porridge with other foods

If you can eat porridge with other foods, you can also achieve healthy porridge consumption. Some people simply drink porridge, but the feeling of fullness after drinking porridge is not strong, and they may drink too much at one time, resulting in blood sugar fluctuations and various adverse symptoms. The correct way is to drink porridge with other foods, such as fresh vegetables. Sometimes it is more delicious to make vegetable porridge, and it can also provide dietary fiber and vitamins in green leafy vegetables. Of course, you can also slow down the speed when drinking porridge, do not drink porridge quickly in a short time, and you can also control your blood sugar.

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