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In hot weather, patients with arrhythmia should pay attention to these 4 points to protect the heart

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:31:28

In hot weather, patients with arrhythmia should pay attention to these 4 points to protect the heart

Arrhythmia means that the heart rate is not within the normal range. Generally, the heart rate is lower than 60 beats per minute, which is called sinus bradycardia, and if it is faster than 160 beats per minute, it is mostly a sign of heart health problems. deal with it as soon as possible. In addition, patients with arrhythmias should master the method of using air conditioners to avoid cold stimulation affecting their condition.

1. The temperature is well adjusted when using the air conditioner

The most obvious feeling in summer is that the ambient temperature increases, and people are in this state It will feel sultry and sweaty as soon as you move, and using the air conditioner can cool down, thereby reducing the discomfort of the body. The correct way to use air conditioners is to control the temperature, not the lower the temperature, the better. Some people do not pay attention to this problem. They feel that the indoor cooling effect is good in a short period of time, and the temperature is quickly lowered, so they adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to a very low level, often keeping it at 16 degrees Celsius. However, they do not know that the cold environment will stimulate the body and cause the blood vessels to contract, which will affect the temperature. blood supply to the heart. The correct way is to control the temperature well, generally keeping it around 24 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate.

2. Combination of work and rest

In addition to using air conditioners to control the temperature of people with arrhythmias, other nursing points should also be mastered, such as taking more rest, not Overworked. There is enough sleep time every day, and you should also pay attention to the intensity control when you are struggling at work. In this way, you can reduce the burden and pressure. If you overdraw your body in a high-intensity work state for a long time, and you do not pay attention to the combination of work and rest, it will make the heart unbearable, and people who originally have arrhythmia will be more serious. Those who know how to adjust go to bed early and get up early every day, work and rest regularly, let the body have a resting process, and do more activities during work breaks.

3. Stable mood

Keeping one's mood comfortable is the way to deal with arrhythmia. Changes in the heartbeat indicate that the heart has health problems. A good state of mind under these preconditions is the key to reducing cardiac stimulation. If you are in a state of mood swings, depression, and anxiety for a long time, in addition to affecting the endocrine and reducing the resistance, it also increases the burden on the heart invisibly, which will make health problems more serious. You need to keep your mood comfortable and optimistic every day in order to stabilize your heart rate.

4. Do not drink alcohol and tobacco

It is really comfortable to stay in an air-conditioned room, but it is already affected by arrhythmia, so we must resolutely avoid drinking and smoking . Many people's diseases in life are related to the inseparability of tobacco and alcohol. Long-term smoking and alcohol abuse will cause harm to the body. The acquisition of alcohol will damage the liver cells and affect blood pressure changes. Some people smoke too many cigarettes in a day, and the harmful ingredients such as tar and nicotine are continuously obtained, which will gradually increase the blood viscosity and accelerate atherosclerosis, which is also an accelerator of disease. If you can realize this, your heart rhythm is already irregular, and you should pay attention to physical maintenance, and resolutely do not touch alcohol or tobacco, so that the damage to the heart can be reduced.

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