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What are the "little black spots" on Chinese cabbage? Can you still eat? Distinguish 2 reasons

Posting time:2023-03-24 15:40:03

What are the "little black spots" on Chinese cabbage? Can you still eat? Distinguish 2 reasons

As a representative of popular vegetables, Chinese cabbage is very popular because of its cheap price and high nutritional value. Many people also use Chinese cabbage to process it into kimchi, which is rich in dietary fiber, water, and vitamins. However, some people find that there are small black spots on it after buying Chinese cabbage. It is necessary to understand what these small black spots are. If they are harmful to the human body, they should stay away. When buying Chinese cabbage, you need to know its freshness and observe the appearance. Of course, if you find small black spots on the Chinese cabbage, you should be cautious. The small black spots may be stale. Some people do not eat Chinese cabbage in a short time after buying it, but leave it for a long time. In addition to looking stale, the moisture is reduced, and there is a risk of mold. Especially if the storage conditions are not good, there will be small black spots on it after mold, and this kind of cabbage cannot be eaten. Some cabbage has small black spots, which are actually congenital factors. Fertilization is required in the process of planting. If the nitrogen fertilizer is used excessively in the process of fertilization, it may cause damage to the tissue cell membrane of Chinese cabbage, thereby growing small black spots. point. In addition, some cabbage has poor nutrient absorption, and is affected by weather and soil. The nutrient supply is insufficient, and some minerals and trace elements may be lacking during the growth process, so small black spots will appear. But if it's a congenital factor, don't worry. What are the functions of Chinese cabbage?

1. Laxatives

Eating cabbage has rich effects, which can relax bowels and help digestion. The reason is that cabbage is rich in cellulose. The acquisition of this material can make the intestines motivated, and the metabolic wastes produced can be quickly excreted after the normal peristalsis of the intestines, thereby keeping the intestines relaxed. Some people have dry stools and usually do not adjust their diet. They develop regular and good bowel habits and may suffer from constipation for a long time. By eating Chinese cabbage to prevent dry stools, accelerate the excretion of feces, and excrete metabolic wastes and harmful substances as soon as possible, the intestinal tract can be kept relaxed. This is the benefit of eating Chinese cabbage.

2. Supplemental nutrition

Supplementing nutrition and improving resistance is the role of cabbage. Because the nutrients contained in Chinese cabbage are needed by the human body, it may not look amazing and the price is cheap, but in fact it contains rich minerals, vitamins, water, etc. It is conducive to the activation of immune cell function. The calcium content of cooked cabbage is equivalent to that of milk, which can ensure that the nutrients needed by the human body are provided in a timely manner, and there is no need to pursue expensive supplements. Eating Chinese cabbage can also enhance immune function. To sum up, it can be seen that there are small black spots on the cabbage, which may be deteriorated without proper preservation, or may be caused by nutritional influence during the planting process, and the specific reasons need to be understood.

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