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Is it better to boil mung bean soup red or green? There is still a difference

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:54:16

Is it better to boil mung bean soup red or green? There is still a difference

As a representative of legume food, mung bean is rich in nutrients. In the hot summer, people will feel irritable, ingest a lot of spicy food, and stay up late, they may get angry and have corresponding symptoms. At this time, drink some mung bean soup to cool down and quench thirst, and the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire is obvious. However, some people have a special phenomenon when cooking mung bean soup. The color of mung bean is obviously green. Why does the cooked mung bean soup turn red? Which color is normal? Logically speaking, the color of the outer skin of mung bean is green, and the cooked mung bean soup is also green, but some people find that the color of the mung bean soup changes after cooking, and they do not know whether the mung bean soup is red or green. In fact, the reason why mung bean soup turns red is that the phenolic substances contained in it are oxidized after being cooked for a long time, so there will be a color change. However, from the perspective of nutrients, green has higher nutritional value than red mung bean soup and contains more phenolic substances. When cooking mung bean soup, the time should be controlled well, and it can become soft and rotten after cooking. What are the functions of mung bean soup?

1. Clearing heat and reducing fire

Mung beans can not only be eaten, but can also be made into other processed products, such as mung bean paste, noodles It has a good effect of clearing away heat and reducing fire. Some people do not like spicy food, and ingest a large amount of spicy and irritating food, which may lead to strong stomach fire, resulting in bad breath and throat discomfort. The mung bean can help reduce the fire. After drinking some mung bean soup, the medicinal value will be exerted normally, and the symptoms caused by getting angry will be alleviated. However, for some people with deficiency of the spleen and stomach, they should not drink too much mung bean soup to avoid gastrointestinal adverse reactions.

2. Improve resistance

Mung beans can also help in enhancing resistance. Because mung beans are rich in protein, about 20% of them are protein content, which is much higher than other foods. Protein is the material basis of human life activities. Its protein contains eight amino acids that the human body needs, including leucine, lysine, etc., and the provision of these nutrients can activate the function of immune cells and meet the needs of the body, thereby improving resistance. effect. I am used to eating big fish and meat, and occasionally I can drink some mung bean soup to get other nutrients.

3. Assisting in regulating blood lipids

Mung bean itself also has the effect of regulating blood lipids. Now more and more people are gradually gaining weight, and the accumulation of fat substances in the body brings about The effect is obvious, and it will gradually make the blood thicker. Once the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels exceed the standard and are not properly dealt with, the disease will invade. At this time, you can drink some mung bean soup to help regulate blood lipids. Because mung bean contains polysaccharides and globulin, it can promote the decomposition of cholesterol in animals and reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.

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