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Professor Lv Fan talks about the highlights of Vision China 2022 conference

Posting time:2023-03-24 17:22:36

Professor Lv Fan talks about the highlights of Vision China 2022 conference

Editor's Note On July 21, the curtain of the 2022 Vision China Innovation and Development International Forum (Vision China 2022) was slowly opened at the Xiamen International Conference Center. As a golden business card for academic exchanges in the field of ophthalmology and optometry, this year's Vision China is still brilliant, inviting many domestic and foreign experts in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, and visual science, as well as experts from the ophthalmology and optometry industry at home and abroad to attend the conference for exchanges. The discussion is full of anticipation. In order to enable the majority of ophthalmologists to have a better taste of the "academic feast" of Vision China 2022, "International Ophthalmology News" specially invited Professor Lv Fan, director of the National Eye Disease Clinical Research Center and Wenzhou Medical University, to share the insights of this conference. Highlights. While sharing the highlights of the conference, Professor Lu also told the story behind the conference. Let us now unveil the mystery of Vision China 2022. Vision China 2022 Preparatory Experience and Conference Expectations Prof. Lv Fan: The ability to hold an offline conference like Vision China in Xiamen this time was achieved by overcoming various difficulties. In the past year or two, the domestic epidemic prevention and control has still been strictly controlled. A large number of academic conferences have been held online, which provides convenience for doctors to conduct academic exchanges. However, online conferences cannot conduct face-to-face academic exchanges and thinking collisions like offline conferences. Therefore, We have been planning, hoping to hold an offline academic conference under the premise of strict and safe epidemic prevention and control. Vision China 2022 was held under such a background through the joint efforts of many people. The reason why this meeting was held in Xiamen International Conference Center, the main venue of the ninth BRICS Leaders' Meeting, is actually related to our meeting goals. Because the atmosphere of Vision China 2022 and the BRICS conference are similar, the main tone is "openness and cooperation", which is also the theme of Vision China 2022. , win-win" these elements continue to carry forward. China Eye Valley helps the high-quality development of the eye health industry Prof. Lv Fan: Vision China focuses on crossover and integration. We hope to carry out more technological transformations through various platforms. The construction of Eye Valley is an ecological environment and a good platform for technological transformation in the field of ophthalmology, so it is a historical necessity that China Eye Valley can participate in Vision China as an integral part of it. During the establishment of Vision China, we have been advocating that more scientists, clinicians, and technology transformation industries should gather on this platform, and China Eye Valley has also played an important role. The positioning of China Eye Valley is very clear, that is, to establish a technology transformation platform, scientists can raise some scientific problems in clinical or applied technology on this platform, and then some scientists come to this platform with solutions to these problems, the platform can Provide many services including financing, technology, policy, etc. to help more people realize technological transformation and overcome technological bottlenecks. Our ultimate goal is to make China grow in the transformation of ophthalmic technology and product research and development. At the same time, we also have the great ideal of "China's Eye Valley, World Vision". The significance of the introduction of "Expert Consensus on the Application of Low-Concentration Atropine Eye Drops in the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents (2022)" Professor Lv Fan: "Expert Consensus on the Application of Low-Concentration Atropine Eye Drops in the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents (2022)" " was published in the "Chinese Journal of Optometry and Vision Science" last week, and the introduction of this consensus is of great significance. Atropine is the only effective drug for the prevention and control of myopia at present, and its application has gone through more than half a century, but the relevant research work has been centered on the balance of several key points such as effectiveness and reduction of side effects. In recent years, the national drug administration has also attached great importance to this problem, so some hospitals can use low-concentration atropine for the prevention and control of myopia by means of in-hospital preparations. However, after low-concentration atropine is allowed to be used, we believe that we must give you some guidance in a scientific way to avoid inappropriate application during use. The significance of the Expert Consensus on Applications in China (2022). The background and guiding significance of the "Chinese Optometry Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Manual" Professor Lv Fan: The "Chinese Optometry Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Manual" is one of a series of small manuals advocated by the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmologist Branch. We are planning A lot of effort was spent on research and layout during production. This booklet is very beautiful. It is aimed at front-line medical workers who are engaged in clinical work in ophthalmology and visual science, such as young doctors who have just entered regular training, grass-roots workers, etc. In terms of content, we have made a careful layout with a clear focus. We have always emphasized standardized procedures in every step from consultation to inspection, with the purpose of cultivating everyone's habit of following standardized clinical work. In order to make everyone better understand the content of the specification, every technical step in the specification process is written very specific, you can follow the operation step by step according to the content of the manual, and this small manual can be put in your pocket, you can find it at Take it with you to learn and use it at work. In addition, we have also incorporated many new clinical methods and scientific research results into the manual, hoping that the "Chinese Optometry Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Manual" can benefit front-line clinicians, especially novice doctors. The necessity and characteristics of the "White Paper on Standard Fitting of Color Contact Lenses" Professor Lv Fan: The reason for the "White Paper on Standard Fitting of Color Contact Lenses" is that we have found in our clinical work that the demand for color contact lenses has increased sharply in recent years. The market is vast. After noticing this, we conducted a lot of market research and found that this field needs to be standardized, so we led a group of experts to jointly formulate the "White Paper on Color Contact Lens Standard Fitting". The introduction of the White Paper on Standard Fitting of Color Contact Lenses is very meaningful. First of all, it can convey correct information to the wearers of color contact lenses. At present, many color contact lens wearers have a misunderstanding that the Wearing only has an aesthetic effect, so it is a misunderstanding to classify it with beautiful clothing. We just want to let wearers and fitters realize that the safety of color contact lenses and cornea is still the primary consideration through the "White Paper on Color Contact Lens Standard Fitting". In addition, because colored contact lenses cover the cornea, the fitting process requires quality control, including lens quality, fitting quality, and quality control of popular science. It is emphasized that colored contact lenses are a special kind of lenses, and safety issues should be given top priority during fitting and use.

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