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It's not too late to "see". Why must the eyesight be checked before school starts?

Posting time:2022-12-02 05:48:39

It's not too late to "see". Why must the eyesight be checked before school starts?

The two-month summer vacation is coming to an end. During the vacation, children stay in the house all day, frequently play with computers and mobile phones, and their eyesight will inevitably be affected. Therefore, according to Lijia's suggestion: before the new semester starts, parents should take their children for an eye health check to keep abreast of their children's eye health. Why should children have eye health checks? 1. Identify true and false myopia, intervene in time to do eye health check, you can see whether the child is short-sighted. Through comprehensive optometry, it is also possible to distinguish whether myopia belongs to true myopia or false myopia. If there is no intervention in pseudo-myopia, the long-term contraction of the ciliary muscle will compress the eyeball, which will eventually lead to the lengthening of the axial length of the eye, resulting in true myopia. 2. Check whether the degree of myopia is deepening. The child is in the growth and development period, and the refractive state of the eyes is constantly changing. Shilijia recommends that children with myopia undergo optometry every six months. If the degree of myopia is found to have deepened, they should change their glasses in time. 3. If other eye diseases are found, the school will usually conduct vision screening every semester, but the school screening is a basic vision examination. Professional eye health also includes the measurement of the eye axis and the examination of visual function. In addition to checking out children Whether there is nearsightedness, strabismus, amblyopia, farsightedness and other problems can also be found. If these problems are not detected in time, they can cause irreversible damage to vision. What is the process of eye health examination? 1. Examination of uncorrected vision The results of the eye chart test are only used as the preliminary judgment of the child's vision, and the refraction state examination is required to have a basic understanding of the child's vision. 2. Precise optometry test of refraction state Computer comprehensive optometry can obtain detailed data such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, interpupillary distance, etc., so as to further determine the actual situation of the child's eyes. 3. Measuring the axial length of the eye The measurement of the axial length is helpful to analyze and understand the development of the child's eyes. According to the data comparison, the child's eye condition can be effectively judged, so that corresponding measures of myopia prevention and control can be taken. Taking care of children's eye health and establishing vision health records is an important measure to prevent myopia. Eye health records can effectively prevent and monitor children's eye problems. It is recommended that parents take their children to the Shilijia Eye Health Center for a vision examination every 3 months, record uncorrected vision and corrected vision, and measure the corneal diopter and axial length of the eye. , intraocular pressure and other indices. The child's body and eyes are in the stage of rapid development. If the child's eyesight is not prevented and controlled in time, the rate of myopia deepening is very fast, so parents should treat the prevention and control of myopia scientifically.

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