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alert! These 3 kinds of food contain "heavy metals". For the sake of health, remind family members to eat less

Posting time:2022-12-02 05:36:18

alert! These 3 kinds of food contain "heavy metals". For the sake of health, remind family members to eat less

Many health problems are related to the presence of heavy metals in food. If you do not understand food safety in advance and eat healthy, these harmful substances will not be able to be excreted normally after entering the human body. Over time, diseases will appear, including food poisoning and Alzheimer's disease. related to heavy metals. In order to stay healthy, it is necessary to work hard in the aspect of diet, understand relevant common sense in advance, know which foods may contain heavy metals, and remind family members to eat less.

1. Animal viscera

Although animal viscera contains nutrients needed by the human body, it can effectively obtain iron and achieve a good effect of iron supplementation to relieve iron deficiency anemia. However, it is not advisable to eat too much animal internal organs. In addition to the risk of high uric acid levels and thick blood, these internal organs, like human organs, shoulder the heavy responsibility of excreting harmful substances, and animal livers are also a gathering place for heavy metals. If the water source obtained by these animals for a long time is polluted, or the food ingested contains heavy metals, it will be deposited in the liver and subsequently acquired by the human body, and these harmful components will accumulate in the human body, thereby affecting the health of the body. Even if the animal offal has nutrients to offer, choose a reliable quality offal, and don't eat too much.

2. Brown rice

is now increasingly polluted by the environment. If the planted land is polluted, these crops will grow on these soils for a long time, which is easy to absorb The harmful substances in it are then acquired by the human body to threaten health, and brown rice has certain hidden dangers. Brown rice is a kind of coarse grain. If the soil is polluted, there is no relevant quality inspection report or certificate, and if you buy it at will, it is easy for the human body to acquire the harmful substances because of the pollution of the crops. Health problems will arise in the long run.

3. Seafood

Although seafood is delicious and can provide rich protein, organisms in seawater are also at risk of contamination. In recent years, food safety problems have emerged in an endless stream. In addition to eating seafood, some people will have adverse gastrointestinal reactions or skin allergies. Seafood also contains a variety of heavy metals, which affect the health of the body. Among them, lead and mercury elements will threaten human health. For the sake of your own health, you should understand the source of seafood when you buy it, and choose quality-assured seafood. Of course, seafood should not be over-reliant and ingested in large quantities for a long time. It can be seen that many types of food may contain heavy metals. If you are sloppy when choosing food, do not keep your eyes open, choose food that is unreliable, and the source is unclear, there may be health problems after being acquired by the human body, except for the digestive system. Decreased function can even damage the liver. To master the methods in all aspects of diet, in addition to keeping the law light, but also to choose green and healthy food.

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