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Acne repeatedly difficult to treat? Please keep this book of fighting "pox"

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:56:31

Acne repeatedly difficult to treat? Please keep this book of fighting "pox"

With the accelerated pace of modern life, among young people, the incidence of acne continues to increase due to the influence of many factors such as disordered work and rest time, irregular diet, and increased life pressure. At the same time, acne also has the characteristics of repeated and difficult to eliminate. So, how to solve this vexing problem? Recently, Dr. Lin Huaner, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Shenzhen Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was a guest in the live broadcast room of the Medical Federation Media's "Dialogue with a Famous Doctor Lin Xin", and conducted a session themed "Acne is repeatedly difficult to treat? This battle against 'acne' The live broadcast of "Baodian, please accept it", discussed several issues of acne treatment that netizens are concerned about. (Director Lin Huaner in the live broadcast)

Acne and Rosacea

"Acne" is commonly known as acne, which is a Chronic inflammatory skin disease of the pilosebaceous glands is also one of the most common diseases in dermatology. Acne occurs in adolescent men and women, and is mainly characterized by facial acne, papules, pustules and cystic nodules and other pleomorphic skin lesions. Acne is often confused with rosacea. Regarding the difference between the two, Director Lin Huaner said. "Rose acne is more troublesome than acne. From clinical experience, rosacea is mostly hormone dependence caused by the irregular use of skin care products. In addition to acne, the skin is also accompanied by telangiectasia and skin allergies. Sexual characteristics"

Acne pathogenesis includes both congenital and acquired aspects

For the pathogenesis of acne, Director Lin Huaner believes that there are two main aspects. The most common adolescent acne may be a multiple disease, the cause of which includes congenital constitution and acquired living habits. For example, anger caused by inattentive diet, staying up late, and poor facial cleaning of teenagers, these will increase the incidence of acne. For acne after puberty, Director Lin Huaner believes that psychological factors are the main factor: "Most of the acne scars and acne after puberty are emotional problems, and secondly, eating habits are also very important, such as staying up late to get angry and consuming too much sugar. Too much, milk and other problems can cause acne.”

Acne has a variety of treatment methods according to the degree.

For the treatment of acne, Director Lin Huaner also gave solutions, mainly in different degrees. deal with. If it is mild acne, most external treatment methods can be solved. It can be done by brushing acid, applying anti-inflammatory ointment such as fusidic acid cream, or applying wet compress with traditional Chinese medicine compound Phellodendron liquid paint. deal with. If it is more severe acne, it needs to be treated with oral medication. Generally speaking, moderate or above acne should seek medical attention, and follow the guidance and advice of professional doctors for active treatment.

Acne facial treatment trilogy

Acne is actually not too complicated in terms of treatment. Generally, corresponding treatment is made according to the situation, but maintenance after treatment is completed. Treatment is important. Director Lin Huaner talked about three main aspects: eating habits, adequate sleep, and proper skin care. First of all, don’t eat spicy, oily and sweet things in your diet, including drinking less milk. If you eat too much dairy products, it may cause excessive oil secretion. Secondly, pay attention to emotional problems, keep calm, don't be too nervous, and keep regular sleep. Finally, in facial care, if you have oily and acne-prone skin, it is recommended to use a non-irritating, strong cleansing cleanser, wash your face 2-3 times with warm water, and then apply an oil-control moisturizing lotion to adjust your face. water-oil balance. If there are more acne on the face, it can also be cleaned properly, such as external application of low-concentration complex acid, azelaic acid, adapalene gel, etc.

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