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Why do I get toenail fungus? If you love to do these 5 things, it's not surprising

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:11:04

Why do I get toenail fungus? If you love to do these 5 things, it's not surprising

If you get onychomycosis, one can infect two. From this slogan, it can be seen that onychomycosis is highly contagious. Originally, only a single nail had lesions, but if there is no timely treatment, it may spread to other places, thereby increasing the difficulty of treatment. Onychomycosis refers to a disease caused by dermatophytes invading the nail plate or under the nail. The clinical manifestations after the onset are various. It is necessary to understand how the disease is caused and take correct preventive measures.

1. Wearing other people's shoes

has an increased risk of onychomycosis under certain conditions, especially casually wearing other people's shoes. As a common tool in daily life, shoes are wrapped in shoes during walking, which can prevent the soles of the feet from being irritated. However, some people originally had onychomycosis developing, and the shoes they wore had some fungus. If you don't pay attention to hygiene issues and casually wear shoes worn by others, you may be infected and induce onychomycosis.

2. Frequent manicures

Everyone has a love for beauty, but some people go to manicures many times, want to change the color of their toenails, and With various accessories on it, in fact, regular manicures will increase the prevalence of the disease. In the process of manicure, it needs to be polished, which will destroy the nail structure invisibly. In addition, various chemicals are applied to the nails, which may damage the nail plate, which will reduce its resistance and become susceptible to infection.

3. Neglecting feet cleanliness

People who do not usually pay attention to foot cleaning have a significantly increased prevalence of onychomycosis. If you want to keep your body healthy, you should focus on cleaning your feet during the bathing process. You can rub your hands during the cleaning process to remove the dirt attached to them. In addition, your feet are prone to sweating, and you do not wash them after sweating. , it will produce an unpleasant smell and breed bacteria. Therefore, from the perspective of hygiene, cleaning should be done well, and no opportunity for the growth of fungi and bacteria can be provided to effectively prevent onychomycosis.

4. Regular exercise

The prevalence of onychomycosis increases under certain conditions, such as prolonged exercise. For those who love sports, this method can indeed enhance their own resistance, while promoting circulation and metabolism. However, the heat generation during exercise is mainly manifested in a lot of sweating. After sweating, in addition to the back, the sweat from the front chest drenches the clothes, and even the feet will sweat significantly. And always sweating and not cleaning in time, leaving the feet in an unsanitary and unclean state for a long time, the probability of onychomycosis is significantly increased.

5. Poor body resistance

Having good immunity is the premise to prevent the invasion of diseases, but more and more people are in sub-health state, which is due to the lack of Correct habits, lack of exercise for a long time, lack of nutritional balance in diet, inappropriate work and rest, and negative emotions are always generated, these conditions will make the body's resistance worse. In the process of declining immunity, the ability to resist the invasion of various bacteria becomes poor. Relatively speaking, infection occurs, and the probability of inducing onychomycosis or other diseases is high. Attention should be paid to improving the resistance.

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