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Can the black and smelly "mud" in the belly button be removed by hand? Use these 2 cleaning methods

Posting time:2022-12-02 05:52:33

Can the black and smelly "mud" in the belly button be removed by hand? Use these 2 cleaning methods

The belly button is a very strange part of the body, also known as the door of life. It is not large in diameter, but is located in the middle of the abdomen, forming a depression. This part is usually not used, and it seems that there is no change. However, some people find that there is black and smelly dirt in the navel during the bathing process, and it is necessary to understand the specific composition. Since the navel appears in a sunken place in the abdomen, it is easier to deposit dirt. The reason why it is black and smelly is that the skin metabolites and the stratum corneum that fall off continue to accumulate. The sunken navel has obvious folds, so it is easy to breed. Bacteria hide the sweat secreted and the dust attached to it, the stratum corneum. In hot summer, when ambient temperatures are high, these accumulations can turn black and produce unpleasant odors. Can it be picked by hand? It is difficult for people who love cleanliness to accept that their belly button has a lot of black dirt, so when they find these phenomena in the belly button, they want to remove it with their hands, and feel that it is comfortable to clean up. In fact, the dirt in the belly button cannot be removed directly by hand, because the belly button is relatively weak, and there are many capillaries and nerves distributed in the belly button. The bacteria inside enter the interior to affect health, and even cause infection in severe cases. For safety's sake, don't pick up the dirt with your hands after finding it. How to get rid of belly button dirt?

1. Wipe with a cotton swab

If there is a lot of dirt on the navel, but it cannot be removed by hand, you can use Cotton swabs to achieve. Add some olive oil to a clean cotton swab and apply it directly to the belly button. Olive oil can moisturize and moisturise, so as to soften the stubborn dirt inside. Afterwards, wipe it with a clean cotton swab, and pay attention when wiping. Don't push too hard, this way you can remove hidden dirt well. Of course, this cleaning method is reliable, but not too frequent.

2. Soften with warm water

To remove the dirt on the navel, moisten the belly button with warm water with a suitable temperature every time you take a bath, so that the dirt inside will gradually soften . Because the dirt accumulates for a long time, it may harden and hide deeper. Simply using brute force to clean it will make the local skin irritated and red, and even feel uncomfortable. First, use warm water to soften the dirt. After ten minutes, the dirt becomes soft, and then gently wipe it with a clean towel. This method can effectively remove the hidden dirt. It can be seen that the dark and smelly mud on the navel is very complicated. If you find this situation, you should not pick it out by hand. You can take a variety of good methods to soften the mud and remove it correctly. Only by protecting your belly button can you avoid other health problems.

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