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The rice that is obviously sealed and packaged will also grow black bugs? The food we eat may still have "worm eggs"

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:16:02

The rice that is obviously sealed and packaged will also grow black bugs? The food we eat may still have "worm eggs"

Rice, as the main energy source, can be made into rice or boiled into porridge to provide rich carbohydrates for the human body. However, some people find that there are rice worms in the rice after buying it. Why does the rice grow worms even when it is sealed? Whether these worms appeared out of thin air, or whether there are safety hazards in the original rice, should be clearly understood. What is the reason for rice worms? Insects appear in the sealed packaged rice, which are actually rice elephants. Rice weevil will go through multiple stages in its life, from egg, larvae to adult for a period of time, in addition to this creature can be found in rice, rice weevil also appears in sorghum, corn, wheat. The rice we eat every day contains rice weevil eggs. Under certain conditions, these eggs will hatch and rice worms will appear. Rice weevil adults are killed during the processing and packaging of the rice, but the eggs in the rice are unharmed, so they can become adults under the right conditions. How to reduce rice worms?

1. Be careful when cleaning

The rice elephants that appear in the rice itself will not cause harm to the human body, and are non-toxic and harmless Organisms, just need to be careful in the cleaning process after finding the rice elephants to remove these pests, and there is no difference in the rice after cooking. Because the eggs of these rice weevil will be attached to the rice, under certain conditions, the eggs will be hatched, so these rice weevil will appear. The gnawed rice grains are lighter in weight and may float in the water during the washing process, which can be removed.

2. Don't store rice for too long

In order to avoid more and more rice elephants, it is best not to store the packaged rice for a long time. eat. Because rice has a shelf life, the rice that is generally purchased in the market is processed through various processes. When you arrive at home, you will find that the rice is white and flawless, and the cooked rice is also very fragrant, but it is difficult to avoid some rice elephants in it. The eggs exist, although they are harmless to the human body, but some people see the rice with rice elephants and throw it away directly, which will cause food waste. If you can eat rice as soon as possible after purchasing it, it will naturally prevent the occurrence of rice elephants.

3. Purchase fresh rice

To effectively reduce the occurrence of rice elephants in packaged rice, the purchased rice should be stored in a place with good conditions, especially Keep the environment dry and do not put it in a high temperature and humid place, otherwise the rice will be easily dampened and spoiled. The eggs hidden in the rice are also easier to hatch. Of course, you can choose vacuum-packed rice when you buy it, and you need to observe the appearance in detail, and choose a fresher date. These good methods can reduce the occurrence of rice elephants to a certain extent. It can be seen that the appearance of rice weevil is normal, and it is difficult to kill all the eggs in rice with normal processing. It is necessary to understand common sense to minimize the production of rice weevil adults.

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