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These 4 major liver-injuring "killers" should be guarded against, do these 4 points well, and protect the liver

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:16:16

These 4 major liver-injuring "killers" should be guarded against, do these 4 points well, and protect the liver

The liver is an organ that needs to be protected, because it is responsible for the digestion of food and the excretion of harmful substances. Once its function is reduced, many signals will be sent, and other complications may even occur. The reason why the liver is damaged is due to incorrect behavior. The entry of harmful substances into the human body will cause the liver cells to degenerate and necrosis. Therefore, to understand which poisons are harmful to the liver, stay away as soon as possible. There are many poisons that can harm the liver, including alcohol, drugs that can harm the liver, foods that produce aflatoxin after mold, and various pickled foods. If you can stay away, understand how obvious the harm these poisons bring to the liver, The liver can only be well protected after being shut out. Alcohol is classified as a carcinogen, and regular drinking can lead to an increased prevalence of alcoholic liver, fatty liver, cirrhosis or liver cancer. And some drugs have side effects, long-term use can cause toxic hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis and so on. Some people have an improper diet, and aflatoxin is still obtained after the food is spoiled, which can induce liver cancer. And those pickled foods will produce carcinogens, and you have to eat less. How to protect the liver?

1. Healthy diet

To protect the liver, you should start from multiple points, among which understanding the correct diet is the premise. The so-called disease from the mouth is justified, many types of food are eaten in large quantities, harmful substances not only increase the burden on the digestive system, but also damage liver cells. It is recommended that people who want to protect the liver stay away from high-fat food, high-sugar food, pickled food, barbecued food, moldy food, etc., pay attention to the lightness and regularity in the diet process, and supplement the trace elements, minerals, vitamins, protein, etc. that the human body needs. , in order to enhance the immune capacity of the liver.

2. Medication safety

To protect the liver, medication should be used with caution. Most health problems require medication to control, but many drugs have side effects, such as liver and kidney insufficiency. Should not be used. If you already have liver problems, but you are very casual in terms of medication, you can adjust the dose of medication yourself, and the course of treatment is not clear. Too much medication will cause damage to the liver and even lead to toxic hepatitis. To better protect the liver, read the instructions carefully before taking the medicine, consult your doctor, and master the dosage of the medicine.

3. Refuse to drink alcohol

Resolutely do not drink alcohol is a measure to protect the liver. After drinking alcohol, it needs to be metabolized continuously. If there is a lack of enzymes to decompose alcohol, the metabolism speed Slow, there is a risk of alcoholism, and the prevalence of alcoholic liver, fatty liver, and liver cirrhosis will increase significantly in the long run. The harm of alcohol is more than that, it can also stimulate the heart, damage the gastric mucosa, and even change the blood pressure, all harm and no benefit.

4. Sufficient sleep

Regular and good work and rest habits have a good effect on the maintenance of the liver. The liver needs to excrete the metabolic wastes produced in the body during rest at night, so as to maintain The internal environment is normal. However, if you stay up late and lack sleep, the process of liver excretion of harmful substances will be affected, which will accumulate in the body and damage liver cells, which may lead to disease over time. Some people continue to have strong anger, which is also caused by staying up late. You also need to work and rest regularly and maintain good sleep habits.

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