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Fushou snails and field snails, can you tell the difference? Distinguish these 3 points, don't eat wrong

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:57:24

Fushou snails and field snails, can you tell the difference? Distinguish these 3 points, don't eat wrong

Paying attention to dietary safety can provide nutrients while protecting the digestive system to the greatest extent. Some people get sick because some parasites enter the human body and finally threaten the health of the intestinal tract. Among them, the parasites with more parasites include crayfish, eel, field snail, Fushou snail, bullfrog, etc. It is better to eat less. In addition, many people do not know how to distinguish Fushou snails and field snails. There are many differences between the two. Let's analyze them below.

1. The shape of the vertebral tail is different

There are many differences between the snail and the snail, and the safety factor of the snail is higher than that of the snail , Most people will choose to eat field snails, and Fushou snails have many parasites, so it is best not to eat them. To judge the two, it can be known from the shape of the vertebral tail. The vertebral tail of Fushou snail is relatively flat, and it looks very short, similar to a disc. The vertebral tail of the snail is relatively long and has a cone shape, which can be preliminarily judged.

2. There are differences in size

Due to the individual differences between the snail and the snail, it can also be judged according to the size. Under the same conditions, the adult Fushou snail is larger than the field snail. If you catch the field snail and find a large field snail, you should focus on observation and judge whether it is confused with the Tianfushou snail. Of course, there are differences in the screw mouth due to differences in individual sizes. The snails of Fushou snails are relatively large, while the snails of field snails are relatively small.

3. The shell color is different

In order to avoid the threat to human health caused by too many parasites, don't eat Fushou snails. To identify Fushou snails and field snails, they can also be distinguished by their appearance. Among them, the color of the snails is bluish-brown, and has the characteristics of blackening, while the color of Fushou snails is yellowish and more inclined to yellow-brown, which can be distinguished according to the different appearance colors. How to avoid parasite invasion?

1. Eat less food containing parasites

In order to avoid the invasion of parasites, there are many dietary precautions that should be understood, especially choosing green, safe and secure food , Usually eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains can also provide nutrition for the human body, and do not have the psychology of curiosity. In addition to eating these snails, sashimi, and raw and pickled seafood, some people often eat these foods, but they do not know that these foods are not fully cooked, and some parasites and bacteria exist.

2. The food should be fully cooked before eating

Although some food contains parasites, as long as it is cooked correctly and sterilized at high temperature, the parasites can be killed. , thereby increasing the safety factor. However, some people are very casual during the cooking process and eat the food without fully cooking it, but they don’t know that this behavior is risky. In addition to seasoning the food correctly according to their own food tastes, they also need to cook the food completely. In this way, the high temperature Sterilization can not only kill the bacteria and microorganisms inside, but also kill parasites to the greatest extent, thereby protecting the digestive system and providing nutrients.

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