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Often stomach pain, or gastritis caused, do these 4 points or be able to avoid stomach problems

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:16:51

Often stomach pain, or gastritis caused, do these 4 points or be able to avoid stomach problems

Due to the fast pace of life of modern people, many people have bad habits in diet, which leads to more and more people suffering from gastritis. As a digestive tract disease, gastritis may not only cause stomachache, stomachache Discomfort such as bloating, belching, nausea, etc.; it may also turn into chronic gastritis and increase the possibility of stomach cancer. Therefore, preventing gastritis is very important to protect health, so doing these 4 points in life can avoid stomach disease trouble, may wish to understand it. 1. The main component of alcohol withdrawal is alcohol. When ingesting alcohol, it will cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa, and the higher the alcohol content, the greater the damage to the gastric mucosa. When drinking too much, not only It may cause stomach cramps and induce stomach pain; it may also cause damage to the gastric mucosa and gastric bleeding. Therefore, if you want to protect your stomach, you must stop drinking. 2. Chew and swallow slowly Sometimes because time is more urgent, the speed of eating will be faster, and such eating habits will be developed over time, but such eating habits can easily lead to stomach problems; because eating too fast is prone to food chewing problems. A perfect situation will increase the digestive pressure of the stomach, so it is necessary to develop a good habit of chewing and swallowing slowly, which can help prevent the appearance of stomach problems and make the stomach healthier. 3. Eat only 6 minutes to be full. Many people must eat until they are full before they can stop, otherwise they will always feel that they are not eating enough. Nutrition; therefore, even if you only eat 6 points full, it can meet the daily needs of the body, and it can also reduce the digestive burden on the stomach and avoid indigestion, so eating only 6 points full will help protect the stomach. 4. Rest for 15 minutes after eating. After eating, many people will choose to go for a walk to digest food, or they will soon return to busy work. This habit will lead to indigestion in the stomach; In addition, it may also be because the amount of activity is relatively large, the blood circulation of the limbs of the body is accelerated, and the blood circulation that can supply the stomach will be introduced, so the discomfort in the stomach will be significantly enhanced, so if you want to avoid stomach problems, you should keep It is a good habit to take a 15-minute rest after a meal before moving. To sum up, modern people have many bad habits in their diet, which makes them prone to stomach diseases. If you want to prevent stomach problems, you should stop drinking, chew slowly, eat only 6 minutes full, and eat before meals. It is a good habit to rest for 15 minutes before exercising; reduce the stimulation to the stomach and promote the digestion of the stomach, which can also reduce the probability of suffering from stomach problems and help to maintain better health. Although the discomfort of gastritis is often not obvious in the early stage, after the gradual development, the symptoms are mostly belching, bloating, dull stomach pain, etc. Relatively speaking, the discomfort is still relatively low, so many people are not very concerned about gastritis. Attention, in fact, if long-term gastritis is not relieved and treated, it will easily lead to the occurrence of more serious gastric diseases, and may even increase the risk of gastric cancer, which is detrimental to health, so be sure to Pay attention to improving your living habits to avoid stomach problems.

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