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Sore eyes? Try these simple methods

Posting time:2023-01-31 10:46:45

Sore eyes? Try these simple methods

Eye soreness and dryness are mostly caused by eye fatigue, which is basically caused by bad eye habits. For example, staring at electronic screens such as computers and mobile phones at close range for a long time. Shilijia reminds both young and old to control the length of time they use electronic products and develop the habit of using their eyes reasonably. So what should we do when our eyes feel sore? 1. Blink more. Office workers inevitably work in front of the computer for a long time. At this time, their attention is more concentrated, and the number of blinks will automatically decrease, resulting in dry eyes. Because blinking can promote the secretion of tears and keep the eyes moist. So it's important to keep blinking, especially if you wear contact lenses. 2. Gently massage the eyes and massage can activate the meridians and improve blood circulation. When the eyes are uncomfortable, clean your hands, close your eyes, massage the acupuncture points in the eyes, let the blood flow around the eyes, and relieve the excessive tension of the eyes. Of course, we must also pay attention to the intensity of the massage can not be too large. 3. Drinking more fire-reducing tea will cause dryness and tearing of the eyes when the eyes are fatigued. The eyes are closely related to the liver and kidney meridians. Young people's eye discomfort is related to the more vigorous anger. Therefore, drinking some fire-reducing tea can relieve sore eyes, and at the same time avoid eating too many spicy and irritating foods. 4. Ironing with both hands. Every morning before waking up or going to bed at night, sit on the bed and quickly rub your hands to heat up, apply it directly to the face for 15 minutes a day, which can improve blood circulation, and also has the effect of activating the meridians. effect. You can also use a towel to warm the eyes to promote blood circulation in the eyes. In addition, you can also use some eye patches to deeply eliminate eye fatigue.

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