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etc., is an important reason for the development of myopia in children

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etc., is an important reason for the development of myopia in children

As a parent, everyone wants their children to have a healthy and strong physique. Of course, no one wants their children to become short-sighted at a young age. However, in real life, there are always many parents who have found that their children have symptoms of myopia, but still take luck. It is precisely because of this mentality of "waiting again" that many children get out of control after being short-sighted and eventually become highly myopic. High myopia is the biggest culprit of eye complications, such as floaters, cataracts, retinal detachment, glaucoma, etc., which are all common complications of high myopia. And it is well known that patients with high myopia need to avoid strenuous exercise, otherwise it is easy to cause risks such as retinal detachment.

Be aware that myopia has 3 stages of development, each of which is important.

The first stage: pseudo-myopia In the pseudo-myopia stage, if scientific eye training methods are used to relieve the spasm of the ciliary muscle and restore its adjustment function to the lens, the research can be restored to its original state , thereby hindering the development of myopia and avoiding the transformation from false myopia to true myopia. At this stage, if there is no recovery, causing the growth of the eye axis, pseudo-myopia will turn into true myopia.

Stage 2: True myopia (non-high myopia)

The eye axis of patients with true myopia is significantly longer than that of normal vision. For every 1mm increase in the axis, the degree of myopia increases by 300 degrees. Usually, less than 300 degrees is low myopia, 300-600 degrees is high myopia, and more than 600 degrees is high myopia. In the group of children and adolescents, the development of myopia is very fast, with an average annual growth rate of 75-150 degrees, and it will not slow down or stop until adulthood. There are even children growing at a rate of 300 degrees per year.

Stage 3: High myopia

In this stage of myopia, the anteroposterior diameter of the eyeball increases as the axial length of the eye grows. As the eyeball grows, both the sclera and choroid can grow with it. However, the retina does not have the conditions for subsequent growth. Therefore, in order to fit the growing sclera and choroid, the retina will have many cracks or lattice-like degeneration in the peripheral parts of the retina, which may cause retinal detachment in the later stage. disease.

Best correction period for myopia.

Pseudo-myopia in children and adolescents is often caused by the ciliary muscle adjustment tension or adjustment spasm caused by long-term close eye use. In such a state, myopia is temporarily reversible. In this case, glasses are generally not required. You can strengthen the eye muscles by yourself, relax the muscles, relieve fatigue, and restore the child's vision to a normal state. Of course, if there is no distinction between true myopia and false myopia, and going to optometry directly, not only will it not have the effect of correcting vision, but it will also increase the child's eye fatigue, thus turning false myopia into true myopia. When a child already has symptoms of myopia, it may often be pseudo-myopia. This stage is the best time to correct (restore) vision. However, many parents did not pay much attention to it, but only started to pay attention to it after their children could not see the blackboard clearly in class. At this time, the child is likely to have true myopia (maybe more than 200 degrees or even more than 500 degrees). If you pay attention to it, you will often miss the best period. Therefore, early prevention, early detection, and early correction are the best solutions to solve the problem of myopia in children and adolescents.

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No matter whether the child is short-sighted or not, as a parent, what you need to do is not to be short-sighted. , it must be controlled in time. For children with increasingly heavy schoolwork, the best, cheapest and easiest way to prevent and control myopia is to do more outdoor activities (more than 2 hours a day), but because of the heavy schoolwork, it will sacrifice children's outdoor time. . Scientific research has found that the main cause of myopia is the change of people's eye-use lifestyle (environment), that is, the long-term use of the eyes indoors for a long time every day, thus the lack of long-distance use of the eyes in the outdoor sunlight, especially the lack of eyesight. More than 3 hours/day of strong light exposure (light above 10,000 lux), which can effectively prevent and control myopia; but for modern people, it is difficult to do it even if they know it; when it is difficult for children to make eye contact every day ( Non-direct vision) When there is sufficient natural sunlight, Eye Tracking Smart Light Glasses can help children. Wearing smart light, your eyes can be bathed in the sun anytime, anywhere.

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