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[Popular Science] There is not enough milk, and the baby is screaming because of hunger. Doctor: Try adding milk next to the breast

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[Popular Science] There is not enough milk, and the baby is screaming because of hunger. Doctor: Try adding milk next to the breast

Recently, Ms. Wang asked the breastfeeding clinic of Hangzhou Women's Hospital for help: I ​​gave birth to my daughter at 39 weeks, weighing 6 pounds. Seeing this healthy and cute little guy, I am also full of confidence in the future feeding. When I was pregnant, I learned about the benefits of breastfeeding, so I learned a lot about it and knew it. But I never imagined that when it was time to breastfeed, I lost the chain myself - although the breasts were in good condition, the milk was not enough! The baby was so hungry and crying, it was so distressing that I couldn't help but want to use a bottle or pacifier, but I was afraid that this would make the baby no longer want to breastfeed. I don't want my daughter to be hungry, and I want her to quietly suck sweet milk in my arms, what should I do?

Breastfeeding expert tips

Previously, mothers have given popular science tips for breastfeeding from a self-adjustment perspective (Review: Breastfeeding Insufficient, always worried about starving baby? 5 key points to get rid of anxiety) Deputy Chief Nurse Xu Jie teaches Bao Ma breastfeeding Deputy Chief Nurse Xu Jie hands-on teaching Bao Ma breastfeeding Deputy Chief Nurse Xu Jie teaches Bao Ma hand-in-hand Breastfeeding today, from the perspective of auxiliary devices, how to let the mother start breastfeeding as soon as possible while the baby is full. If you and Ms. Wang have a similar breastfeeding experience, try "adding milk beside the milk".

What is breastfeeding?

Place an aid consisting of a feeding straw and a milk storage container next to the mother's breast to help the mother feed the baby. Image source network

What are the advantages of adding milk to the breast?

1. Simulate normal breastfeeding, promote milk secretion through the baby's sucking, stimulate the mother's breast to produce more milk, and enable the mother to start breastfeeding as soon as possible. 2. Make the baby get breast milk and a sense of security from the breast, and can continue to practice sucking and swallowing on the mother's breast. 3. Compared with the traditional spoon milk cup and other appliances, it can better control the flow rate to prevent milk choking, and the baby can adapt better, which is simple and convenient. Picture source network 4. After the baby is born, there is not much glycogen reserve in the liver. Adding milk next to the milk can prevent the baby from having poor reaction, lethargy, hypoglycemia and other symptoms caused by insufficient breast milk. 5. Prevent the anxiety caused by the mother's slow opening of milk, and establish the confidence of breastfeeding. When the mother is in a good mood, breast milk will be more smooth and prevent postpartum depression.

How to add milk beside the breast

1. Fix the breastfeeding aid beside the mother's breast, and let the baby hold the breast first; 2. At the right time, gently open the areola, see the corner of the baby's mouth, put one end of the feeding straw in the baby's mouth, and extend it straight to the back of the baby's mouth, while the tube should be slightly upward towards the upper jaw, and the other end is connected to the storage Milk container; 3. When the milk quickly flows into the tube, it means the tube is in the correct position. The tube can be attached to the breast with tape so that the mother does not need to clamp the tube with her hands. Image source Network hospitals generally use a syringe with a straw, or a milk cup as a milk supplement next to the breast. The syringe and the milk cup have scales, which can control the amount of feeding each time. If you need to buy a breastfeeder by yourself, you can also find it in a regular mother and baby store. Image source network CAUTION! # The newborn baby's stomach capacity is very small, so don't feed too much at a time. It is recommended to use it under the guidance of a doctor. # Adding milk beside the breast is only to temporarily relieve the problem of insufficient milk. After the baby sucks regularly, the mother can stop adding milk next to the breast and let the baby breastfeed exclusively. Ms. Wang, who tried to use the milk next to the breast, was pleasantly surprised to find that the baby could lie in her arms and eat very well when she was feeding her baby.

How can I tell if my baby is not getting enough milk


We all know that the baby's sucking can stimulate the production of prolactin, and the baby's frequent sucking can quickly increase the mother's milk. As the baby grows up, the amount of milk needed also gradually increases. If the breastfed baby is sucking frequently, there will be: 1. Slow weight gain, monthly weight gain is less than 600g 2. The number of urination per day is less than 6-7 times, and the effective sleep is less than 1-2 hours or more than one of the two cases, it means that the mother's breast milk is insufficient. If your breast milk is not enough, you might as well try adding milk next to your breast~END. Material provided by Yang Amin Medical Review丨Editor/Producer by Xu Jie | Health Business Development Department

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