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Teach you the correct posture to play with your phone

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:50:03

Teach you the correct posture to play with your phone

Playing with mobile phones before going to bed has become a habit of most people before going to bed, brushing the circle of friends, short videos, and even continuing to play even when the lights are turned off. However, turning off the lights to play with your phone is very dangerous. Why does turning off the lights and playing with your phone hurt your eyes? Does turning on night mode help? Why can't I turn off the lights and play with my phone before bed? Because after turning off the lights, there will be a clear contrast between the dark environment and the brightness of the phone screen. · First, the strong light perception will cause the "crystal-like bulge and pupil dilation" of the eyes, which will bring more stimulation to the eyes; Second, in the dark environment, looking at things at close range will cause the eyes Muscle tension increases intraocular pressure." In the long run, it is easy to cause eye discomfort, increase attention to fatigue, and may cause irreversible optic nerve damage, such as glaucoma may be induced, and may also cause damage to the ocular surface or macula, and even blindness. Maybe some friends will think: I turn off the lights and play with my mobile phone every day, it doesn't seem to be a problem? Is it too alarmist? But in fact: the damage to the eye is subtle and silent, and it is difficult for ordinary people to quickly detect it. "Recall carefully, if you usually have these symptoms: increased red blood, conjunctival congestion, dry eyes, foreign body sensation, eye soreness, orbital swelling and pain, conjunctival stones... Then you have to be vigilant, the eyes have already The alarm is sounding. What is the correct posture to play with the mobile phone? Play with the mobile phone with the lights on. Because in the bright environment with the lights on, the bright contrast of the mobile phone screen can be reduced, and our eyes can be protected to a greater extent. If the headlights are too dazzling, You can turn on a desk lamp or background light, as long as you avoid a completely dark environment. At the same time, turn down the brightness of the phone, or turn on the eye protection/night mode, which can also reduce the irritation to the eyes and relieve eye fatigue to a certain extent. · Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use anti-blue light film or anti-peeping film for mobile phones. The quality of anti-blue light film on the market is uneven, and improper use will affect the light reflection of the screen and cause more eye problems. Anti-peeping film will affect the brightness of the mobile phone screen , resulting in a decrease in contrast, and long-term use will cause eye discomfort. Pay attention to these two points when playing with a mobile phone before going to bed: 1. Do not play with a mobile phone on your side: when we lie on your side, one eye will look directly at the mobile phone for a long time. The other eye is "covered by a pillow". Although this position is very comfortable to play with a mobile phone, in the long run, it may cause: deviation of vision in the left and right eyes or strabismus. Therefore, it is better to lie on the bed and play with the mobile phone, keep lying on your back, and sit and watch. At the same time, keep the phone and the eyes in a straight line, and the distance between the screen and the eyes should be more than 30cm. Although it is a little tired, the damage to the eyes will be much less. 2. Don’t play too long before going to bed: It’s too difficult to quit playing with mobile phones before going to bed, so try to control the time as much as possible. After playing for 30-40 minutes, close your eyes and rest for 3-5 minutes. For some friends who turn off the lights and play with their mobile phones for a long time, worry about eye damage, or have mild eye discomfort, you can do eye exercises. If you're still too lazy to do it, just blink. Because blinking can make the tears evenly spread on the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva to keep the eyeball moist and not dry, pay attention to blink as much as possible 20 times per minute, and be sure to blink in place to ensure the healthy formation of the tear film. If you have symptoms such as blurred vision, decreased vision, and increased eye discomfort, you must go to the "professional hospital ophthalmology department" in time.

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