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A woman was asked by a male doctor to "undress" when she had a chest X-ray? Note: These 3 checks are not required

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:04:25

A woman was asked by a male doctor to "undress" when she had a chest X-ray? Note: These 3 checks are not required

Go to the hospital for relevant examinations to understand the health of the body, and where there are lesions can be detected as soon as possible and recovered as soon as possible through follow-up treatment and conditioning. There are different requirements for different inspection items. If you can understand in advance, the inspection process will go smoothly, saving time and minimizing interference to the results. However, some women are asked to take off their shirts by male doctors when they undergo chest X-ray examinations. Is this request reasonable? There is no need to take off your clothes for chest X-ray examination, because the equipment is not affected by the clothes and will not interfere with the results. If you can understand the relevant requirements and steps of the inspection in advance, the illegal and unreasonable requirements of the doctor can be found in time. However, if there are metal objects on the body during the chest X-ray examination, they should be taken away in time, because there are metal accessories that will interfere with the examination process, and all jewelry needs to be removed. And some women do not know the relevant details in advance, and the bra used has a steel ring. In this case, the inspection cannot be carried out, and the bra with the steel ring must be removed. In order to avoid this embarrassing scene, what are the requirements and precautions before the examination? Read the instructions or consult a doctor. Which tests do not require undressing?

1. B-ultrasound inspection

Most of the inspection items do not need to take off their clothes. Among them, B-ultrasound is a commonly used inspection item. Ultrasound examination can provide help in the diagnosis of many diseases, and different parts of the examination should pay attention to different problems. If the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and abdominal cavity are examined, an empty stomach is generally required to prevent gas from affecting the penetration of ultrasound. For gynecological examinations, it is necessary to hold back urine after adding water, and then go to the examination when the bladder is full. However, most parts of the examination have no direct impact on clothing, so there is no need to take them off.

2. General auscultation examination

If you have health problems, go to the hospital to consult a doctor. Many diseases will be diagnosed using a stethoscope. The stethoscope can be used to understand the sounds made by the human body. For the understanding of breathing sound and heartbeat sound, because these stethoscopes have the function of collecting sound, they can also filter out mixed sound waves, and then judge whether the related organs have lesions according to the nature and changes of the sound. During the auscultation process, even if you are wearing clothes, as long as it is not thick clothes, thin clothes will not interfere with the results, and there is no need to take off your clothes.

3. Blood pressure measurement

You don't need to take off your clothes when taking blood pressure measurement, because the process of this inspection is relatively simple, you only need to measure the position of your arm. At the same level as the heart, through the use and standardized operation of the sphygmomanometer, the changes in blood pressure of the patient can be understood, so as to assess whether the hypertension is developing. During the inspection, you don't need to take off your clothes. The problem you should pay attention to is to keep your posture correct and to stabilize your emotions. Of course, it is also important to measure and record multiple times.

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