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Why do many men have thinner legs than women? Tell you, 4 "little secrets" of men

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:09:39

Why do many men have thinner legs than women? Tell you, 4 "little secrets" of men

In summer, most people will wear shorts and skirts, and many women have discovered the secret that most women have thicker legs than men. Why is there such a disparity that many women who are obese and can't keep their body slim can't accept it. In fact, there is a reason why men have thinner legs. It is not that men focus on losing weight. The reason must be understood clearly, and the secrets about men should be discovered one by one.

1. Reasons for thin legs in men

Human beings are constantly evolving and developing. etc. are also different. Men's legs are thinner because men's pelvis is smaller than women's, coupled with more daily activities, they also secrete enough male hormones to show male signs. These hormones dominate and can promote muscle growth and help the body. Burns more fat, so most men have thinner legs than most women.

2. Boys and girls are decided by men

Boys and girls are actually decided by the male body. Many people with feudal thoughts always think that they can’t give birth. It is wrong to say that sons are blamed on women. In fact, the sex of the fetus is determined the moment the male sperm and the female egg fuse. What plays a decisive role is the chromosome provided by the male. The female chromosome is represented by XX, and the male chromosome is represented by XY. If the chromosome is still XX during the combination process, the sex of the fetus is female, and the composition is XY, and the sex of the fetus is XY. It is male, and the probability of having male and female is the same.

3. Morning erection in men is a normal manifestation

There are many little secrets to be discovered in men. Among them, the penis erects unconsciously during sleep and is not affected by thinking. , action, situational influence, this phenomenon is morning erection. Morning tree as a healthy physiological manifestation, do not have to worry about disease. Some people find that they always have morning erections and mistake them for erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is a characteristic of adolescence or adulthood, which is affected by age, mental factors, sleep, and holding back urine. Morning erections increase in frequency and duration after sexual maturity, and this condition does not require treatment.

4. Men are also at risk of breast cancer

Many people have a misconception that breast cancer occurs only in women. In fact, breast cancer is not exclusive to women. Clinically, 1% of breast cancer occurs in men, because both men and women have breast cancer, but most breast cancer occurs in women. Many people have misunderstandings and think that the disease is only in women. To focus on prevention. However, prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation, abnormal hormone secretion in the body, and frequent negative emotions can accelerate the arrival of breast cancer. Therefore, both men and women must take preventive measures and understand the causes of the disease in order to effectively stay out of the door.

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