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Milk contains "preservatives" that are not only toxic but also carcinogenic? Drink less of these 3 kinds of "fake milk"

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:51:09

Milk contains "preservatives" that are not only toxic but also carcinogenic? Drink less of these 3 kinds of "fake milk"

Milk is a drink with high nutritional value. With the help of drinking milk correctly, it can beautify the skin, improve the body's resistance, and at the same time effectively obtain calcium to strengthen bones. However, some people do not advocate drinking milk, saying that milk contains a lot of preservatives, and frequent drinking will obtain harmful substances that threaten health and even cause cancer. Is there any basis for this claim? Learn more below. To really understand milk, in order to understand its safety factor. Milk is rich in protein, calcium and carbohydrates, and can also provide the human body with vitamins, minerals, etc., as a common drink for all ages. You can drink milk as long as you are not allergic to milk or lactose intolerance. The raw milk can be sterilized by the correct process, so that the harmful bacteria in it can be killed without causing harm to the human body. The daily purchase of milk drinks with guaranteed quality and clear sources will not contain harmful ingredients, and there is no need to worry about cancer. Most pure milk ingredients list only raw milk, and the shelf life is relatively short. There is no large amount of preservatives in this situation. As long as you keep your eyes open when purchasing, choose safe and reliable milk with fresh dates. It will not give the human body the premise of drinking it correctly. affect. If you fall into the misunderstanding and think that milk has preservatives, or even cause cancer and dare not drink it, the amount of nutrition provided will be reduced. Which fake milk should not drink too much?

1. Flavored yogurt

If you want to drink healthy milk, the key is to stay away from some fake milk, such as flavored yogurt. Flavored yogurt is actually different from pure milk. It is nominally fermented on the basis of milk to produce probiotics that are beneficial to the human body, and it claims to be able to regulate intestinal function. But flavored yogurt is different from real yogurt, and many flavored yogurts add additives to extend their shelf life. In addition, in order to make it taste good, additional materials are added, and sometimes sugars are added to change the sour taste, and excessive intake of these types of dairy products can affect health.

2. Reconstituted milk

Avoid reconstituted milk when buying milk in the mall. Reconstituted milk is also called reconstituted milk, which refers to the concentration and drying of milk. It becomes concentrated milk or milk powder, and then adds an appropriate amount of water to make it into a dairy product. Generally speaking, it is blended milk, and the nutritional value of this milk is greatly reduced. In order to make it taste better, a lot of sugars are usually added to make it sweeter. Drinking this reconstituted milk for a long time to supplement calcium and obtain protein is not satisfactory.

3. Lactic acid bacteria milk

Many people in life like to drink lactic acid bacteria beverages. It tastes sweet and sour, which is more sweet than plain milk. Appealing to the taste buds. And most people feel that lactic acid bacteria drinks are healthy, not only provide milk, but also other beneficial bacteria can better regulate intestinal function. In fact, on the basis of milk, lactic acid bacteria fermentation is added, and there are other sweeteners, which appear to be dairy products in name, but are actually just a type of beverage. Drinking lactic acid bacteria beverages for a long time is an unhealthy way of life, and its nutritional value cannot be On a par with plain milk.

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