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There are different types of stomach cold? Conditioning starts from these 4 points, in order to see the effect

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There are different types of stomach cold? Conditioning starts from these 4 points, in order to see the effect

Repeated discomfort in the stomach should be taken seriously, because there are many types of stomach diseases, some of which can be improved through dietary conditioning, and some need timely medication to alleviate. Stomach cold, as a term in traditional Chinese medicine, refers to a disease caused by the lack of yang qi in the spleen and stomach, and there will be symptoms such as indigestion and stomach pain. So, are there any types of Weihan? In fact, there are different types of stomach cold. Some people have stomach deficiency cold, that is, stomach yang deficiency, which is characterized by decreased appetite, fatigue, fatigue, fear of cold in the stomach, and cold pain in the stomach. Some people have severe stomach cold, which is characterized by severe pain in the stomach, cold in nature, aggravation after ingesting raw and cold food, nausea and vomiting, and white tongue coating. How to regulate stomach cold?

1. Eat a healthy diet

Many people don't know how to regulate stomach cold, in fact, many types of food can help improve stomach cold Symptoms, among which ginger, mutton, black-bone chicken, pork belly, and fennel can be used for conditioning. Most of these foods are mild in nature and can achieve warming and tonic effect. If you also ingest raw and cold food at this time, it will aggravate the disease and increase the discomfort of the body. Therefore, in the process of conditioning, we must start with diet, understand the nature of food, and adapt to the situation of the body. Do not continue to overeat and eat at will.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is a method to relieve the symptoms of stomach cold. Dried ginger, sorghum, ginger, etc. for conditioning. Some people have a cold stomach, and the prescriptions include tangerine peel, licorice, muxiang, tuckahoe, grass cardamom, and magnolia. Through symptomatic medication and correct medication to exert the medicinal effect, it can achieve the effect of warming the spleen and stomach and relieving the symptoms of stomach cold, thereby reducing the burden on patients.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

People with symptoms of stomach cold should quit smoking and drinking, and relieve their symptoms by changing bad living habits. Because the acquisition of harmful substances during smoking will affect the blood supply of the gastric mucosa, in addition, the repair and regeneration of mucosal cells will be affected. Alcohol is highly irritating and can also damage the gastric mucosa. If you indulge yourself with alcohol and tobacco on the basis of stomach cold or other stomach problems, the symptoms will be aggravated and even cause other new problems. In order to take control as soon as possible, these wrong ways of living need to be abandoned.

4. Pay attention to keeping warm

Doing a good job of preventing cold and keeping the abdomen cold can improve the symptoms of stomach cold, especially in the hot summer, many people feel that The most important thing is to cool down the air conditioner as soon as possible to keep the room comfortable. However, it is not known that the temperature of the air conditioner is not properly adjusted, and if you are exposed to a cold environment for a long time, the abdomen does not pay attention to keeping warm, which may allow the cold air to invade and aggravate the disease. In autumn and winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so you should choose suitable clothes to avoid getting cold. If you are negligent in keeping warm, you may aggravate the condition.

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