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A spoonful of lard is equal to five medicines. Is it "healthy" or "healthy"? I advise you not to use these 2 oils

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A spoonful of lard is equal to five medicines. Is it "healthy" or "healthy"? I advise you not to use these 2 oils

In the process of daily cooking food, it is necessary to add edible oil, which can increase the flavor of the food. Otherwise, simply add water during the cooking process, and these vegetables are bland and tasteless, and the taste is not so oily. The commonly used edible oils are olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, lard, etc., you can choose according to your own needs and hobbies. In addition, some people say that eating a spoonful of lard is equal to five medicines, which is good for health. Is it true? A spoonful of lard equals five medicines, which is actually an exaggeration. Although lard contains nutrients that the human body needs, such as fatty acids and vitamins, it does not mean that the more you get, the better. On the premise of eating lard correctly, it can moisturize the lungs and skin, as well as tonic and enhance appetite. However, if you get it in large quantities and eat too much lard for a long time, it will provide excess saturated fatty acids, which will cause serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels to exceed the standard, thereby damaging blood vessels. It can be seen that even if lard has nutritional value, it is necessary to control the amount, and eat lard correctly to maintain health. Which oils should you avoid?

1. Locally pressed rapeseed oil

It is better to use less oil, such as self-pressed rapeseed oil. Locally pressed rapeseed oil is considered healthy by most people. They feel that it is not like the edible oil produced by mechanized manufacturers, which is processed layer by layer and loses nutrients. Many farmers will press their own rapeseed without testing or other processes. The oil does have a distinct aroma. However, if the storage conditions after pressing are not good and the pressing process is not appropriate, substances that are harmful to health will be produced. These include mold, aflatoxin, and excessive intake not only affects digestive health, but also increases the risk of many types of cancer. It can be seen that the rapeseed oil pressed by the local method is not safe, the standard cannot be reached, and it may also contain many impurities and harmful components. For the sake of safety, you should buy rapeseed oil that meets the specifications and has quality assurance on the market.

2. Edible oils that have been opened for a long time

Edible oils are commonly used, but choose healthy, quality-assured oils, which have been opened for a long time, even after the expiration date The edible oil cannot be used further. Many people feel that cooking oil has a long shelf life, even if it is not used for several months after opening. In fact, the shelf life of edible oil is not long, most of which is only one year or half a year. After opening, the bottle mouth is not sealed, and it is not properly stored after each use. These edible oils may be contaminated or even deteriorated in a short time. Using these unhygienic and unsafe edible oils for a long time will obtain substances that are unfavorable to health. In addition to affecting gastrointestinal health, it may also cause malignant tumors, which is very harmful to the human body. To be on the safe side, edible oils should be carefully informed about the shelf life when they are purchased, and they should be used up as soon as possible after opening.

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