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Have you ever encountered a "ghost press"? If you want to get rid of it quickly, teach you a trick to crack

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:04:55

Have you ever encountered a "ghost press"? If you want to get rid of it quickly, teach you a trick to crack

The term ghost press sounds scary, but it actually refers to sleep paralysis. When I was sleeping, I suddenly became conscious, but my body couldn't move normally, and it felt like a ghost was pressing on my body. From a neurological point of view, it is a type of sleep disorder in which the patient is in a half-asleep state, but the brain waves are awake. How to wake up quickly when this happens? Find out below. There is no need to be too nervous when a ghost press occurs, there are many good coping measures to allow the patient to return to normal activities. When symptoms appear, the eyeballs are rotated quickly, and the eyeballs can move in a circular motion, either side to side, or up and down, followed by blinking, and then the mouth, other muscles around the face, and the tongue can be moved. When the muscle tension of the body begins to appear, then it becomes easier to move the neck, shoulders, hands, feet, etc., and finally the muscles of the whole body can be moved when sitting up. This is a faster and more effective way to relieve the ghost press. How to prevent ghost presses?

1. Don't overuse your brain

To get rid of the ghost press, you should avoid overuse of your brain. The brain is the commander of the body, and many commands require the brain to issue, but the brain cannot be overused. Some people work hard for a long time, which will make the brain tired and overdrawn. Using the brain before going to bed will keep them excited. In addition to reducing the quality of sleep, it is also prone to ghost pressure. Try to do some relaxing and comfortable things before going to bed. Only when the brain is relaxed can the nervous function be stabilized, so that you can enter the sleep state faster and have high-quality sleep to meet the needs of the body.

2. Don't talk before going to bed

Don't talk before going to bed, keep communicating with others, this is taboo. Many people often chat with their partners or friends in the dead of night, telling about various problems encountered, but they do not know that in the process of communication, it is easy to keep the brain excited, the mind is too active, and the quality of sleep will deteriorate. Without high-quality sleep to meet the needs, the possibility of ghost presses increases relatively. If you want to solve problems and communicate with others, it is best to choose other time periods, and try to keep quiet before going to bed.

3. Stay away from eating late-night snacks

Many people habitually eat late-night snacks before going to bed, but they don’t know that this behavior is easy to make ghosts appear on the bed. Before going to bed, you should reduce the burden on the stomach and avoid extra food. If the energy is not consumed after getting the food, it is easy to gain weight. Of course, the stomach will be constantly busy, the pressure on the digestive system will increase and you will not be able to get a good rest, and the quality of sleep will deteriorate, which is not conducive to weight control, blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure regulation. Eat food on time for dinner, go to bed early, and naturally it is not easy to be hungry and want to eat late night.

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