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The population with hypertension is getting younger, these 4 culprits should be avoided as soon as possible, or hypertension can be prevented

Posting time:2023-01-31 02:49:36

The population with hypertension is getting younger, these 4 culprits should be avoided as soon as possible, or hypertension can be prevented

Geriatric disease is not a disease, but a general term for a class of diseases, which refers to some diseases caused by the decline of various functions of the body after old age. The reason why geriatric disease is called geriatric disease is that most of its patients are the elderly. However, with the emergence of electronic products and changes in the pace of life, more and more "senile diseases" have begun to approach younger age, and hypertension is one of them. Let's take a look at what is the reason why the age of the patients with high blood pressure is getting lower and lower. 1. Great pressure Although policies have been helping people achieve common prosperity, the gap between the rich and the poor is still huge at present, and young people who grow up in this environment have faced enormous pressure since childhood. From the grades in the school days to the salary grades after work are the goals that young people strive for. These goals have put them under relatively high pressure for a long time. The sympathetic nerve function is excited and the spirit is always in a tense state. In the long run, it will lead to vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure, increasing the risk of hypertension. 2. Obesity Obesity has always been one of the causes of high blood pressure. In the past, people lacked food and clothing, and the amount of nutrients they ingested was insufficient. They also needed a lot of work at ordinary times. Of course, there were not many young people who were overweight. However, with the improvement of people's life comfort and technology, especially the emergence of puffed food, a large number of obese groups have appeared in modern youth. If you don't exercise regularly, the body's heat cannot be dissipated, and blood pressure will naturally increase. 3. Staying up late and staying up late is almost the norm for young people nowadays. At 11 o'clock in the evening, the human body should have entered a deep sleep, but at this time, "the nightlife of young people has just begun". Long-term staying up late and lack of sleep leads to extreme excitement of people's nerves, vasoconstriction and other phenomena will also occur, and the first step of blood pressure rise will follow. 4. Poor living habits With the continuous integration of cultures of various countries, heroic violence elements have become popular among young people. Young and Dangerous Boys, Underworld, etc. have become the life that middle school students yearn for. Therefore, the image of smoking and drinking gradually develops towards a younger age. Among them, alcohol will harden the blood vessels and reduce the elasticity of blood vessels; while the nicotine in tobacco will cause excitement in the human body, which will damage blood vessels and increase blood pressure by vasoconstriction. As usual, it does not seem new that young people develop high blood pressure. The above are the four main reasons why high blood pressure begins to develop at a younger age. Even now that more and more young people are suffering from high blood pressure, not many young people are worried because they don't think high blood pressure will affect them much, which is a wrong idea in itself. First, high blood pressure damages the kidneys. Sustained high blood pressure can lead to increased pressure in the glomerular capsule and even further glomerular fibrosis, which affects the blood supply to the kidneys. The risk of kidney failure also increases with age. Second, high blood pressure can affect the heart itself and how it functions. Long-term high blood pressure will increase the burden on the left ventricle, leading to the occurrence of hypertensive heart disease. Finally, high blood pressure can also have a big impact on the brain, causing cerebral ischemia and further cerebral hemorrhage. To sum up, the four main reasons that lead to the gradual development of hypertension in young people are high stress, living habits, work and rest, and obesity in young people. If you want to stay away from high blood pressure, you must adjust your mental health on the basis of good living habits and habits, so that you always have a healthy body and mind.

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