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It cost me nearly 20,000 in a few minutes, is it worth it?

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:03:10

It cost me nearly 20,000 in a few minutes, is it worth it?

The daily inconvenience of myopia makes many people consider myopia surgery, but when they hear the price of myopia surgery, many people begin to hesitate again. A one-time expenditure of nearly 20,000 yuan is indeed a big expense for some people, especially for students who have no income. Is it worth it? To answer this question, the editor thinks that the people who have the most say are friends who have undergone myopia surgery. Only by personal experience can we know the specific aspects of the cost of surgery, and we can realize whether the surgery has brought practical convenience to our life and solved the problems that have been bothering us all the time. What are the costs of myopia surgery? First, myopia surgery has a detailed preoperative examination. Whether it is possible to perform myopia surgery depends on the preoperative examination. There are as many as 20 steps, each of which is undertaken by professional equipment and professional personnel, and is responsible for every myopic friend who comes here with scientific data. Second, myopia surgery is customized by experienced doctors with surgical plans and operations. Every doctor who consults has at least nearly ten years of experience in diagnosing refractive errors, and the surgeon must have the relevant Swiss STAAR global ICL surgeon certification and German Zeiss full femtosecond SMILE surgeon certification, just a few minutes It is a double test of the doctor's skill and experience. Although the operation only takes a few minutes, the entire operation also requires adequate preparation and guidance from other medical staff to complete the entire process of the operation. Finally, both LASIK surgery and ICL lens surgery are expensive. In order to adapt to myopic friends with different eye conditions, different types of surgery also correspond to different equipment, and the investment in equipment is considerable, up to tens of millions. The lens for ICL lens surgery is provided by a Swiss manufacturer, which needs to be specially customized according to the inspection data, and the cost itself is high. Is myopia surgery really expensive? Many people think that myopia surgery is expensive because it costs nearly 20,000 yuan at one time. In fact, as a shortsighted person, it takes an average of two or three years to change a pair of glasses. The poor one is a few hundred, the good one is thousands, and it will cost tens of thousands in a few decades. With the rise in prices, the cost of glasses will only become more and more expensive. . It also spent 10,000 to 20,000 yuan for myopia surgery, but you can enjoy clear vision and a free life for decades without being bound by glasses all day. Many friends who have undergone myopia surgery will sigh with emotion, regret not coming to pick up the mirror earlier, and enjoy it earlier. The editor thinks that they must really feel the freedom and freshness when exercising after taking off the mirror, when putting on makeup, and when going out to play, which cannot be bought with money when they are old.

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