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Others take Viagra, why doesn't my husband work? Mostly did not pay attention to these 4 details

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:42:14

Others take Viagra, why doesn't my husband work? Mostly did not pay attention to these 4 details

It is understood that Viagra is a kind of aphrodisiac drug. If a man has erectile dysfunction, he can't have a slap in the face during sexual life, the hardness of erection is not up to the standard, and even normal sexual life cannot be carried out. Attention should be paid to some cases. The effect can be achieved through the use of drugs. However, some people find that their partner taking Viagra does not work, what is the problem? Seeing other people take Viagra to improve erectile dysfunction, but their own object does not work, what went wrong should be clear. In fact, Viagra needs to be used symptomatically according to the body's adaptation in order to exert its efficacy and achieve results. If you do not first understand the specific cause of the object's erectile dysfunction, there are other organic lesions that reduce sexual function, but there is no targeted treatment, and the use of Viagra alone may not work. You should know the correct way to take it and use it symptomatically. What should I pay attention to when using it correctly?

1. Pre-medication

If you want to use Viagra to improve sexual function, there are many details that should be grasped correctly, such as taking it in advance. It takes a period of time for the drug to enter the body and exert its effect, so that the male penis can erect and show normal sexual ability, and most of the onset time is about 30 minutes. If you take it during sex, you will find that it has no effect. In fact, the drug has not been taken in advance, and the effect of the drug has not been able to play normally.

2. Sexual life within the effect of the drug

After taking Viagra, it is necessary to know how long the drug can last. It is not that taking a drug can make male sexual ability If it is maintained for a long time, after the effect of the drug is exerted, there will be erectile dysfunction, and the sexual ability will not be able to function normally. Drugs only improve male sexual function in a short period of time, but cannot achieve the effect of treating diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to have sex within the effective period of drug efficacy.

3. Control the dose

You also need to control the dose when taking Viagra. Some people have misunderstandings and think that their erectile dysfunction is more serious, so they should increase the dose. As everyone knows, it is a three-point poison. Aphrodisiacs such as Viagra have many side effects. In addition to damage to the liver and kidneys, they can also affect blood pressure changes. If the dose of the drug is increased or decreased arbitrarily, the effect of the drug may not be exerted, or the excessive dose may cause damage to multiple organs of the body. Learn how to use it clearly and master the correct dosage.

4. Don't use it frequently

The frequency of use of Viagra should be appropriate. Some people have tasted the sweetness of the drug and found that their sexual ability has decreased. After taking Viagra, their performance Good, so gradually addicted and used more and more frequently. In fact, simply using Viagra to improve erectile dysfunction does not have an in-depth understanding of the causes and eliminates the influencing factors. It is just medication, which not only bears the side effects of the drug, but may also form dependence. In order to avoid this situation, the frequency should be controlled in the process of safe medication, and frequent medication should not be used for a long time.

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