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Acid reflux, heartburn, hyperacidity, what to do? 4 ways to ease your pain

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:35:02

Acid reflux, heartburn, hyperacidity, what to do? 4 ways to ease your pain

If you have heartburn and acid reflux symptoms repeatedly, it means that there is too much gastric acid secretion. You should take a good method to suppress gastric acid secretion. Without excessive gastric acid to cause irritation, the mucosa can be well protected, otherwise ulcers and inflammation will occur. In addition, in the case of acid reflux and heartburn, it is necessary to clarify which type of disease is causing it. If necessary, symptomatic treatment can be used to improve gastric function through rational medication, otherwise other symptoms will also appear.

1. Dietary conditioning

There is always acid reflux, which is affected by heartburn, and should be adjusted to improve it. The high intake of various types of food in life will stimulate the stomach and lead to the secretion of gastric acid, such as fruit rich in fruit acid, spicy food, etc. In order to protect the gastric mucosa and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms, alkaline foods should be selected to adjust, thereby reducing the stimulation caused by gastric acid. The more recommended ones are cucumber, cabbage, spinach, carrot, Hericium erinaceus, etc., which can obtain nutrients while reducing symptoms.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

There is always acid reflux and heartburn, which means that gastric acid is secreted too much. Although gastric acid secretion can participate in food digestion, it is not The more secretion the better. In order to improve this situation, you should quit smoking and drinking in time. There are countless people who smoke and drink in their lives. In the process of continuously acquiring harmful substances, the functions of many organs will be reduced, which not only affects the health of the liver and lungs, but also stimulates the gastric mucosa. If you can correct bad habits after discovering health problems, resolutely do not drink alcohol and tobacco, no longer continue to obtain harmful ingredients, and the gastric mucosa is well protected, the impact of diseases can be reduced.

3. Rational drug use

Excessive secretion of gastric acid may indicate the onset of a disease, and can be treated with drugs under the guidance of a doctor. Some drugs can help to neutralize gastric acid, some can inhibit gastric acid secretion, and gastric mucosal protective agents can be used appropriately. Health problems that occur under the premise of rational use of drugs can be gradually improved. Of course, some people have Helicobacter pylori infection, and they should use a combination of drugs to kill Helicobacter pylori to protect the stomach. If there is a disease, it will be dealt with seriously, the treatment method will be appropriate, and it will not be a problem to restore health.

4. Regulate emotions

Controlling your emotions well can relieve the excessive secretion of gastric acid. Anxiety for a long time, the pressure is not released, and it will make oneself highly nervous. Continued negative state not only affects endocrine, accelerates aging, reduces resistance, but also leads to gastrointestinal disorders. Nervous disorders related to the regulation of intestinal function, many people will have excessive secretion of gastric acid, resulting in acid reflux, heartburn, loss of appetite, and poor digestion. If you can release the pressure and keep your mood comfortable, there will be a certain improvement.

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