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Has your child had a vision check in the new semester?

Posting time:2023-01-31 05:57:03

Has your child had a vision check in the new semester?

In the new semester, the new starting point of the children's school list includes new schoolbags and new stationery... Parents, have you added vision checks to your children? According to monitoring data in previous years, due to unhealthy eating habits and daily routines, coupled with the infringement of blue light from mobile phones, about 21.1% of students will experience vision loss after the summer vacation. There are countless examples of middle and high myopia. Why do children need to have vision examinations after school starts? ● There are many hidden dangers to the eyesight during the two-month vacation. The child's eyeballs are just in the developing state, and the vision is not stable yet. Apart from attending various interest classes and doing summer homework, the child is almost addicted to electronic products every day. After summer vacation, your child's vision may have changed a lot. The vision examination at the beginning of school can understand the latest vision condition of the child, so that parents and teachers can consider the next steps. ● Distinguish between true and false myopia, so as not to "make falsehood into reality". Some children in lower grades may have "false myopia", which needs to be prevented and documented as soon as possible. ● Eye health is guaranteed, check early, prevent dryness first, and control it later. If myopic children and adolescents do not pay attention to their usual eye habits, they may develop into high myopia, and high myopia can easily lead to a variety of serious complications.

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