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Do I need to take leave for myopia surgery? After reading these 3 points, you will understand

Posting time:2023-01-31 10:55:07

Do I need to take leave for myopia surgery? After reading these 3 points, you will understand

In real life, more and more people choose to take off the camera due to various reasons such as academic requirements, work obstruction, and inconvenience in exercise. For these people in need, how to arrange time is a headache, especially for office workers. How long does myopia surgery take? Do I need to take a leave of absence for myopia surgery? How to prepare for myopia surgery? Let's take a look at the professional answers given by Director Chang Zheng, an expert in refractive surgery at Aier Eye Hospital. ▼Video loading... In general, myopia surgery is divided into three parts: preoperative examination, surgery, and postoperative review. Three elements are critical and essential. First of all, the strict preoperative examination includes about 20 items, and the examination time takes about 2 hours. But some friends went to the hospital and were told that they could not do the examination for the time being. Why? In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, if you usually wear contact lenses, you should pay attention: generally stop wearing soft contact lenses for 1 week, stop wearing hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses with astigmatism for 3 weeks, orthokeratology Stop wearing glasses for 3 months. Second, preoperative examination and surgery cannot be done on the same day. During the preoperative examination, the pupils are dilated for fundus examination and optometry. Sufficient rest time is needed to restore the eyes to a normal state, and according to the relevant national standards, antibiotic eye drops should be applied for 1-3 days according to the doctor's order before surgery. to prevent infection. Finally, on the first day after the operation, it is necessary to go to the hospital for re-examination. The time for no special circumstances is about 0.5 hours. Other re-examination times are regularly reviewed according to the doctor's order.

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