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Refuting 3 drinking "rumours", I don't know how many people have been misled, don't believe it again

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:19:57

Refuting 3 drinking "rumours", I don't know how many people have been misled, don't believe it again

Although my country's drinking culture has a long history, this behavior is very harmful to the body. Alcohol is a first-class carcinogen. In addition to the risk of liver disease, drinking alcohol will also cause blood pressure to fluctuate and the heart to be stimulated. However, many people are still dependent on alcohol and are often in a state of drunkenness. In this case, many types of diseases cannot escape. It is necessary to understand the impact of drinking in advance and get rid of bad habits as soon as possible. What are the rumors about drinking?

1. Blushing when drinking means you can drink.

In addition to understanding the dangers of drinking, there are some rumors about drinking that should not be believed, such as after drinking. The redder the face means the more you can drink, which is one of the misunderstandings. It takes a period of time for alcohol to enter the human body to metabolize. Some people can secrete enzymes that decompose alcohol. They feel that they can’t pour a thousand cups, and they are still very relaxed after drinking. The main reason is that these enzymes work continuously to metabolize alcohol. Without alcohol accumulation, it is not easy to get drunk. Performance. But those who blushed as soon as they drink alcohol indicate that they cannot drink, because the body lacks the enzymes that break down alcohol, and the alcohol cannot be metabolized normally after drinking, and it stays in the body for a long time, which will make the skin flush and feel like drinking a little alcohol on the head. People with this phenomenon are best not to drink alcohol, otherwise they are prone to get drunk and cause health problems.

2. Drinking more medicinal wine can prolong life.

Drinking more medicinal wine can strengthen the body and prolong life. This is nonsense. Many people have a misunderstanding and think that precious Chinese herbal medicines are paired with high-concentration white wine. After soaking, these medicinal wines have high nutritional value. Drinking medicinal wine usually warms the body, and can also obtain nutrients to improve organ function and prolong life. Although precious medicinal materials have medicinal value, if they are not used according to the physical adaptation, they will be wasted and even bear the side effects of drugs. High-concentration liquor is rich in alcohol, and if you often drink medicinal wine, if the alcohol cannot be metabolized normally, and the frequency of drinking is high, the functions of many organs will be reduced. Among them, the liver is most vulnerable to damage, which is the root cause of various liver diseases.

3. The amount of alcohol is learned.

The amount of drinking is learned. You can't drink before, but when you drink, you are prone to various adverse reactions. Drinking a few more glasses allows your body to slowly adapt to this process, and you can practice a thousand glasses without getting drunk. This statement is wrong. Most people's alcohol intake is due to talent, not exercise. They can naturally produce enzymes that decompose alcohol and metabolize them normally after drinking, giving people the feeling that they are very drinkable. However, some people are born with a lack of enzymes that decompose alcohol. No matter how they practice, they cannot increase the secretion of this enzyme to metabolize alcohol. It is difficult to increase the amount of drinking by relying on acquired efforts alone. cause harm to the body. To sum up, drinking is a bad habit, and many health problems are related to drinking. Don't listen to rumors about drinking, otherwise, you will make mistakes and keep hurting your body, which will lead to health problems.

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