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Sudden leg cramps during sleep, is it really calcium deficiency? Not necessarily, there are 2 major reasons

Posting time:2023-01-31 05:22:43

Sudden leg cramps during sleep, is it really calcium deficiency? Not necessarily, there are 2 major reasons

Leg cramps while sleeping is a problem that many people encounter. If the frequency of cramps is high, it should be taken seriously. Occasional cramps can be muscle spasms caused by excessive leg activity and fatigue, but sometimes this happens even without exercise. Find out what's behind it. Many people think that leg cramps must be calcium deficiency, so is it correct to take various methods to obtain calcium when this symptom occurs? Sudden leg cramps when sleeping at night may be due to calcium deficiency, because calcium is a nutrient needed by the human body. Calcium supplementation can promote healthy teeth and strengthen bones, but the blood calcium concentration drops and cannot reach the standard, which is easy to cause cramps. , Continued calcium deficiency will also accelerate the arrival of osteoporosis. Therefore, usually should master the correct method to supplement calcium. But not all leg cramps are related to calcium deficiency. If you don't understand the specific reasons, you can add a lot of calcium at will when you have enough calcium, but it will cause other health problems. What are the causes of leg cramps?

1. Cold stimulation

Leg cramps during sleep cannot be ruled out as cold stimulation. The cold does not only appear in autumn and winter. Sometimes the air conditioner is used indoors in summer, but the temperature is not well controlled, and the indoor environment is often created in a low temperature environment. After being stimulated by cold for a long time, in addition to being prone to colds, various adverse symptoms will appear, and cramps will occur due to vasoconstriction and blood circulation cannot be maintained well. Some people wake up and have pain in their legs. These are all cold Performance. If this is the case, it should be done in time to keep warm. Of course, the temperature should be well controlled when using the air conditioner in summer, and don't think that the lower the temperature, the more comfortable it is.

2. Excessive fatigue

I always get leg cramps when I sleep at night, and it may also be due to inappropriate exercise methods. Many people in life will use exercise to strengthen their body and improve their resistance. Indeed, mastering the exercise method can strengthen the metabolism of the whole body, at the same time promote blood circulation, and also help to improve the cardiopulmonary capacity. However, the intensity of exercise needs to be controlled and the time must be appropriate to have good physical fitness after exercise. If you blindly pursue high-intensity exercise and exercise for too long, your feet will be fatigued and overdrawn. In addition to sore legs and feet after exercise, you will also experience cramps during sleep. For the adverse symptoms caused by overwork, the intensity of daily exercise should be controlled. Of course, after exercising, you can relieve fatigue by massaging and soaking your feet properly. It can be seen that sudden leg cramps during sleep may be caused by calcium deficiency, but it is not the only influencing factor. Some people get cramps even if they get enough calcium. It is not ruled out that it is caused by overwork and cold stimulation. The real cause should be understood and dealt with effectively.

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