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To tell you the truth: these 4 diseases are difficult to cure, be careful not to be deceived

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:18:27

To tell you the truth: these 4 diseases are difficult to cure, be careful not to be deceived

Although the current medical level is getting higher and higher, many serious diseases can be controlled by effective means to improve the survival rate and quality of life of patients, but not all diseases can be cured. Once the disease is cured, don’t listen to rumors and fall into misunderstandings. You should learn more about common sense and know which diseases cannot be cured, so as to avoid being deceived. So, what diseases are currently incurable?

1. Diabetes

There are many types of diseases, some of which are mild and will improve after a few days of treatment. Some diseases are very serious and require long-term medication after they appear, such as diabetes mellitus. The number of people with diabetes in my country is increasing, and there is a trend of younger people. As a representative of chronic diseases, most of the patients need to stabilize the disease through insulin injection, the use of hypoglycemic drugs and the change of unhealthy lifestyle. The impact of high blood sugar is unimaginable. In addition to accelerating blood vessels and neuropathy, it will also damage multiple systems and organs. At present, the indicators can only be controlled through treatment, but diabetes cannot be completely cured.

2. Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is more common in older people and is mainly related to the accelerated rate of neurodegeneration in the brain. With the decline of brain function, common manifestations are memory loss, inattention, apathy, disorientation, inability to take care of life in severe cases, and various complications. Therefore, serious prevention is required, and a healthy state can be maintained by maintaining a good lifestyle, thereby improving the quality of life in later life. At present, there is no specific drug at the medical level that can completely control Alzheimer's disease. It can only be detected and treated early, thereby reducing damage. Of course, prevention is the key.

3. Hypertension

The reason why hypertension is difficult is that it cannot be cured yet, and blood pressure fluctuates due to a variety of factors, including indiscriminate eating and smoking. Heavy drinking, staying up late, mood swings, and uncontrolled obesity can all contribute to changes in blood pressure. Once the disease is caused, multiple organs will be damaged, and some people's improper treatment will also lead to hypertensive nephropathy, hypertensive heart disease, etc. Although the disease is terrible and cannot be cured at present, the impact of the disease can be reduced through the scientific use of antihypertensive drugs.


The scary thing about AIDS is that there is currently no complete cure, and only early detection and early treatment can reduce the damage caused by the virus. The virus has special characteristics. After invading, the incubation time is very long. After the onset of the disease, the important lymphocytes are used as the target of attack, which will reduce the patient's immune ability and cause various infections and even malignant tumors in the future. People diagnosed with the disease need to maintain a good attitude and take medicine on time every day to control the development of the virus.

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