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There are these 3 kinds of abnormalities in the toilet, which "indicates" that the blood sugar has increased, and quickly test it

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:51:10

There are these 3 kinds of abnormalities in the toilet, which "indicates" that the blood sugar has increased, and quickly test it

Too high blood sugar is relatively dangerous, uncontrolled, and without good habits to regulate, it will lead to diabetes later. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the usual inspections, adhere to a good lifestyle that is helpful for blood sugar control, and try to keep the indicators stable. In addition, high blood sugar is not without signs. Some people behave strangely when they go to the toilet. If they have the characteristics of the disease, it is better to check and treat as soon as possible to prevent other adverse consequences.

1. The urine smells of rotten apples

High blood sugar will lead to various complications, and the physical symptoms will become more and more obvious. Some people excrete urine when they go to the toilet but find that there is a special smell, this situation is likely to be a sign of serious diabetes. The blood sugar is constantly changing, but the condition is not stabilized by scientific medication, and it may also bring about ketoacidosis. When this happens, there is often a smell of rotten apples. In the process of urination, the smell of urine is relatively obvious. If you ignore it, the ketoacidosis will become more and more serious, the body metabolism will be abnormal, and the follow-up will bring more serious complications. You need to actively cooperate with the treatment after the disease signal is sent. .

2. Some people who have a lot of foam in their urine

will pay attention to the changes in their urine when they go to the toilet, because urine is a disease alarm, and many types of diseases are developing The urine will be peculiar, with many foams in the urine, which should be suspected. Sustained high blood sugar will accelerate blood vessels and nervous system diseases. Once the blood vessels around the kidneys are damaged, nutrients cannot be supplied to the organs in time, which will reduce the function and even lead to diabetic nephropathy. Protein loss during development can lead to proteinuria, which is characterized by a lot of foam in the urine. In addition, if the sugar content in the blood exceeds the standard, even the blood sugar concentration in the urine increases, and there will be foam after the composition changes. The discovery of this situation shows that blood sugar exceeding the standard is threatening health and should be carefully cooperated with treatment.

3. Always urinating constantly

High blood sugar is the most dangerous condition of diabetes, indicating that the disease is not under stable control. When the disease develops to a certain stage, the patient will have the characteristics of polyuria. Due to the changes in blood sugar, the oral cavity is always stimulated, and the patient will have dry mouth and always need to drink water to relieve the discomfort in the oral cavity. There is a lot of water intake, and after continuous circulation and metabolism, the natural urination volume also increases, and it should be paid attention to when the frequency of going to the toilet is too high. Of course, the increased production of certain diuretic substances in the blood of people with high blood sugar will also have a diuretic effect, and the frequency of urination will increase, which means that the condition is more serious. To sum up, it can be seen that when you go to the toilet, you should be careful when you go to the toilet. You should be vigilant when there are some special situations, and judge whether the blood sugar is too high through detailed inspection. If the disease is developing, you need to be vigilant and take correct treatment measures. Of course, the details of life cannot be ignored, and good habits that are helpful for blood sugar control should be adhered to.

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