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Is walking every day really good for your health? 5 things that people over 65 need to pay attention to

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:46:50

Is walking every day really good for your health? 5 things that people over 65 need to pay attention to

When you get older, the speed of aging accelerates, and you will find that your state is not as good as before. Compared with when you are young, you must pay more attention to maintenance. Usually, many things are done well, not only anti-aging, but also improving organ function and good physical fitness. Diseases can be avoided. Many people increase their physical activity by walking every day. Is this method good for health? Walking every day and in the right way is really good for health. Because walking is a low-intensity exercise, it is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. In the process of walking, there is a lot of activity in the lower limbs, which continuously promotes blood circulation, and can also speed up the peristalsis of the intestines and help relieve constipation. Of course, there is a certain amount of exercise that can improve immunity, and there are many benefits. However, there are many points to pay attention to when taking a walk. You should choose a suitable venue and control the number of steps. The elderly after the age of 65 may wish to do 5 things in peacetime

1. Pay attention to diet

The elderly over 65 should pay attention to diet Healthy, frequent overeating, and ingesting certain foods with hidden risks will cause harm to the body. In the end, it will not only affect the digestive system, but may also increase the pressure on the liver. Among them, high-sugar foods, high-fat foods, pickled foods, Don't eat BBQ food. In addition, you should slow down during eating, chew slowly, and not eat too much. This is the correct way to keep healthy.

2. Drinking water scientifically

When you are old, you should add water scientifically, because the elderly have less activity, and the blood flow is slow and sticky. An important part of the blood is water. If there is a lack of water for a long time, the blood lipids will exceed the standard, which will cause insufficient blood supply to certain parts. In addition, in order for the kidneys to function to excrete excess water and harmful substances, they should also drink water correctly every day. Don't drink a lot of water at a certain time, but drink it in moderation at different times. In this way, water needs are met, natural metabolism and circulation are kept normal, and the kidneys are protected at the same time.

3. Regular work and rest

To promote health, you should develop regular work and rest habits, go to bed early every day, and fall asleep on time before 11 o'clock at night according to your needs, which can protect the liver, Improve brain function. Often staying up late and going to bed after 12 o'clock will shorten the sleep time, which will lead to poorer mental state and accelerated aging. Some people have poor sleep, but do not take countermeasures, and are prone to decreased resistance and endocrine disorders. It is necessary to start with work and rest to promote health.

4. Pay attention to hygiene

People who know how to maintain will pay attention to personal hygiene. As they get older, they will continue to age, and their resistance will become worse compared to when they are young, which is more difficult To fight the invasion of pathogens, we must pay attention to hygiene, wash hands before meals, and sterilize tableware correctly, which can reduce the risk of bacterial invasion. Otherwise, the resistance is weak, but often due to poor sanitation conditions, bacteria breed, which will bring us in. influences.

5. Maintain a good attitude

Older people may wish to put their own attitudes aside, worry about when they are young, and forget about troublesome things, so that they can live well Be relaxed and happy, do more interesting things to increase happiness. Those who are enthusiastic and positive about life tend to live younger and younger, and can maintain endocrine stability and improve resistance. If you always worry about all kinds of small things, get excited, angry, nervous, it will lead to illness over time.

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