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The older you get, the more meat you eat? After 50 years old, eat these 3 kinds of meat

Posting time:2023-01-31 12:34:11

The older you get, the more meat you eat? After 50 years old, eat these 3 kinds of meat

Different age groups have different diets. For older middle-aged and elderly people, the function of the digestive system has declined. It is necessary to know how to control the diet. Slow down when eating and chew slowly, which can reduce digestive pressure. In addition, don't eat too much, and stay away from greasy and indigestible foods to take care of your stomach. But some people say that the older you get, the more meat you need to eat, which can provide rich nutrition. Is this correct? It's not true that you eat more meat as you get older. Although meat can provide rich protein, other trace elements, amino acids, etc., but if you eat a lot of meat, it will increase the digestive pressure. Most meat foods contain cholesterol, which is rich in fat and is the source of many people's obesity and sticky blood. The key to maintaining health is to have a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables, control the intake of meat, and provide comprehensive nutrition. Of course, care should be taken when choosing meats, not all meats are edible. Which meats are suitable for eating more?

1. Chicken breast

After the age of 50, you can eat more meat, such as chicken breast. The reason why chicken breast is recommended is that it contains high-quality protein, which is normally absorbed and utilized by the human body to meet the needs of organs, thereby enhancing resistance. Moreover, compared with other parts of the meat, chicken breast has less fat content, almost all of which are lean meat. While supplementing nutrients, it does not provide additional fat and cholesterol, which is conducive to the control of multiple indicators and weight regulation.

2. Fish meat

Deep-sea fish meat is suitable for the elderly to eat more, and it contains a lot of protein. High-quality protein is absorbed by the human body and maintains life after meeting nutritional needs. Activity is normal. In addition, deep-sea fish is delicious, softer and easier to digest than other meats. Of course, fish also contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can help reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, so as to normalize blood lipids, and avoid eating too much meat and blood viscosity and cause diseases.

3. Beef

Elderly people who want to eat meat can choose beef. Beef is rich in high-quality protein, which is easy for the elderly with reduced digestive ability. absorb. In addition, beef is a source of iron supplementation. Many people's physical condition deteriorates with age, and they always have adverse symptoms. The reason is iron deficiency, which can lead to iron deficiency anemia in severe cases. Beef not only provides protein, amino acids, but also It can obtain rich iron, which has the effect of strengthening the body and enhancing the resistance. In addition, beef contains less fat and is relatively light, which can also reduce the burden on the digestive system. It can be seen that it is not necessary to eat more meat when you are old. The key is to choose the right meat and control the amount in order to provide nutrition and promote health.

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