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Thick blood is not a trivial matter! If there are these 3 kinds of anomalies, they must not be easily ignored

Posting time:2023-03-24 09:31:35

Thick blood is not a trivial matter! If there are these 3 kinds of anomalies, they must not be easily ignored

Keeping healthy people's blood in a normal state, flowing in the blood vessels all the time, can be transported to where it is needed, and thus remain relaxed. However, more and more people's blood state changes, and the flow speed becomes slower after gradually thickening, which will cause insufficient blood supply in some places. If it turns into hyperlipidemia, a variety of complications will appear. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of blood viscosity. If you have it yourself, wake up and improve it as soon as possible through correct conditioning.

1. Dizziness and headache

The blood viscosity is relatively dangerous, which will hinder the circulation of certain parts, and the blood cannot be provided in time. Then came dizziness and headache. The human brain is an important commander, and maintaining normal function is inseparable from the development of good living habits. However, continuous overeating and lack of exercise, the blood viscosity increases, many blood vessels are distributed in the brain, some blood vessels are blocked, the brain is in a state of ischemia and hypoxia, and the common situation is dizziness and headache. If it develops cerebral infarction, the patient will also have limb hemiplegia, nausea and vomiting, and disturbance of consciousness. It can be seen that the inexplicable dizziness and headache last for a long time. Don't treat it as a small problem, but also be alert to hyperlipidemia.

2. Limb numbness

A person who maintains a healthy body has a relaxed limb, which can allow blood to be transported in a timely manner. Even if the limb is not moving, it will not become numb. However, there are However, inexplicable limbs feel numbness, and this situation is likely to be hyperlipidemia. Because the human body is constantly circulating and metabolizing, it can transport nutrients, blood, etc. to where it is needed. However, some people have circulatory disorders, and their limbs are prone to ischemia. If blood lipids are too high and not actively regulated, limb ischemia is more obvious, and numbness will continue under the influence of insufficient blood supply. But don't think it is local compression, it is likely to be caused by high blood lipids.

3. Chest tightness and discomfort

The heart is an important engine of the body. To maintain its good function, it is necessary to ensure that the surrounding blood vessels are unobstructed, so that blood can be delivered in the first time. The heart is powered and the circulation in other parts is normal. However, more and more people do not deal with high blood lipids properly, and the blood vessels around the heart may be blocked under the threat of hyperlipidemia. Once the heart is in a state of ischemia and hypoxia, it is followed by chest tightness and discomfort, and even difficulty in breathing. Some people even have angina pectoris and changes in heart rate, which are warnings that the heart has been reduced in function. In order to protect this organ, it is necessary to ensure that the surrounding blood vessels are well protected, and the blood vessels should be cleared as soon as possible if there are signs of disease, otherwise the development of myocardial infarction will threaten the life safety of the patient. To sum up, the above characteristics cannot be hidden when the blood is viscous. The characteristics of the disease should be clearly grasped, the common sense of popular science should be understood, and the disease can be detected as soon as possible in order to recover as soon as possible.

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