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Sudden stroke, smoking is the "cause"? These 4 behaviors may be "vascular killers"

Posting time:2022-12-03 04:53:21

Sudden stroke, smoking is the "cause"? These 4 behaviors may be "vascular killers"

Stroke is a disease with a high degree of harm. Many adverse factors affect the blood vessels and damage the blood vessels. The subsequent high blood viscosity causes the blood vessels in some parts to be gradually blocked, and a stroke will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the scourge of stroke and eliminate risk factors in order to maintain a healthy state. Some people smoke a lot for a long time without realizing that this behavior has great hidden dangers. So, are sudden strokes related to smoking behavior? There are many people who suddenly have a stroke with serious adverse consequences, and the scourge of this disease is diverse, and heavy smoking does increase the prevalence of stroke. Tobacco has a complex composition. In addition to the acquisition of carcinogens, which increases the prevalence of lung cancer, it also accelerates vascular lesions and reduces resistance. The blood vessels are gradually damaged after the harmful components of tobacco are obtained, increasing the blood viscosity, and the subsequent circulation cannot be maintained well, which will cause blood supply problems in some parts. The bottom line is that serum cholesterol, triglyceride levels exceed the standard, and the prevalence of stroke increases. For safety reasons, tobacco should also be rejected. What behaviors are vascular killers?

1. High-calorie diets

Many behaviors are vascular killers and should be corrected as soon as possible, such as prolonged high-calorie diets. People take food as their day, and they need to get enough nutrients and energy every day, but it does not mean that the more you eat, the better. Some people overeat, often eat late-night snacks, and also prefer to consume various sweets and high-fat foods. Invisibly, excessive calorie intake will lead to excess nutrition and obesity. Finally, they also face blood viscosity, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Stablize. If you want these indicators to be normal to protect blood vessels, you should develop correct eating habits, provide the nutrients your body needs, but don't get too many calories.

2. Long-term inactivity

Long-term inactivity is also a blood vessel killer. To keep blood vessels unobstructed and blood flow to the place where it is needed, it is necessary to cooperate with Physical exercise. There are many kinds of sports, with different intensities and different adaptation situations. Choose suitable sports according to your exercise endurance. With perseverance, you will find that your own resistance will be improved, and your cardiopulmonary function will be enhanced. During exercise, you will continue to metabolize and make your blood vessels unblocked.

3. Drinking a lot of alcohol

Drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time is the cause of blood vessel damage. Alcohol is a carcinogen. In addition to increasing the prevalence of liver cancer, excessive drinking also accelerates vascular disease. People with drinking habits have relatively high blood pressure and increased risk of hyperlipidemia. During the process of these indicators, blood vessels are under greater pressure, their elasticity is reduced, and their fragility is increased. Once the circulation is blocked, blood supply to certain parts will be insufficient. . If you want to stay away from stroke and protect blood vessels, you should resolutely avoid drinking alcohol.

4. Do not like to drink water

Insufficient water intake for a long time will also cause damage to blood vessels. An important part of the blood is water. Drinking water scientifically every day will find that the circulation and metabolism of the whole body remain normal, and the accumulated harmful substances are excreted through urination to protect the kidneys, bladder, prostate and other organs. In addition, the blood is not in a significantly viscous state after the water is obtained, and it can flow normally. If you often drink water when you are thirsty, or drink the drink as water, it will cause damage to the blood vessels.

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