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A good kidney, why will there be "failure"? When these 4 kinds of abnormalities appear, don't pretend that you haven't seen them

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:32:13

A good kidney, why will there be "failure"? When these 4 kinds of abnormalities appear, don't pretend that you haven't seen them

It is difficult for people who lack common sense to understand why they are suddenly diagnosed with kidney failure. They seem to be healthy all the time, but suddenly they have bad symptoms, but when they are examined, they are seriously ill. It is necessary to understand clearly about the occurrence of renal failure and have a general grasp of the disease in order to effectively prevent it. So why does a good kidney fail? Kidney failure means that the original health problems have not been paid attention to. Small kidney diseases will cause damage over time and the development of various bad living habits, and will eventually be completely scrapped, which will lead to kidney failure and uremia. The human body is very strange, and many signals cannot be hidden under the influence of disease. If there are related abnormal characteristics, it means that you are already calling for help and cannot be ignored. At this time, it is the correct way to carry out detailed examination and targeted treatment. Which symptoms are the kidneys calling for help?

1. Proteinuria

Many abnormal warnings are actually the kidneys calling for help. For example, there is a lot of foam in the urine during urination. It is simply considered to be in contact with the air, and the foam that has not dissipated for a long time may be proteinuria. Proteinuria is one of the characteristics of kidney disease. During the development of the disease, the renal tubular filtration function is abnormal, and the loss of protein during urination will cause obvious foam after the change of urine composition. These bubbles will not disappear for a long time, and inspections should be carried out in time to determine whether the protein exceeds the standard, so as to understand the type of disease and actively respond according to the results.

2. Oliguria and anuria

Under the threat of kidney disease, many people have obvious symptoms such as oliguria and anuria. The body maintains a healthy circulation and has a good metabolism. After supplementing enough water, the accumulated harmful substances and excess water will be excreted out of the body through urination. This is a healthy physiological process. However, if the acid-base imbalance and metabolic disorder after renal disease, the urine excretion will be significantly reduced after water and sodium retention. It will deepen and the smell will be obvious.

3. Body edema

If you observe that you are inexplicably swollen, your eyelids and lower extremities are swollen. Don't treat it as a small problem. Swelling is one of the symptoms of kidney disease. Due to abnormal metabolism of the body at this time, water and sodium retention, too much water cannot be smoothly excreted, and edema will be caused in the process of continuous accumulation. Pressing the swollen part of the skin will slow down the rebound speed, and local depression will be formed, and this phenomenon just shows that the function of the kidneys has been reduced. If it is not dealt with correctly, as the disease progresses, it will become more difficult to treat in the later stage.

4. Decreased appetite

Abnormal digestion, decreased appetite, these conditions should not be treated as ordinary gastrointestinal problems, because kidney disease will develop abnormal metabolism at a certain stage, Ammonia is produced in large quantities, resulting in symptoms of digestive system-related diseases. After the intestinal mucosa is damaged, inflammation and ulcers appear, and the patient will suffer from indigestion, which will reduce the appetite.

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