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How often should you wash your hair? How to choose shampoo? Don't get confused after reading

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:14:57

How often should you wash your hair? How to choose shampoo? Don't get confused after reading

Paying attention to body cleanliness and maintaining good hygiene habits can minimize the growth of bacteria. And cleaning includes multiple places, in addition to the whole body, the hair should also be cleaned. And some people don't know how often it is better to wash their hair. They feel that the frequency of washing is too low and the hair is greasy, and washing their hair all the time will cause the hair to fall out. You should learn about the frequency of washing your hair and choose the method that suits you best. Washing your hair is an important step in cleaning. To know how often to wash your hair is good, you must also judge according to your hair quality and scalp oil secretion. If you don’t sweat much, and the scalp oil secretion is small, the hair has been kept dry and hygienic, and you can wash it every two or three days. Some people have greasy hair because of the strong secretion of oil on the scalp. If you don’t wash your hair for a day, it will appear greasy and even have an unpleasant smell. People with this condition should wash their hair once a day. The decisive factor is the oil secretion and the quality of your hair. Which shampoo is healthier? When washing your hair simply with water is not clean, you should choose a suitable shampoo. And some people ask, which shampoo is healthier? In fact, as long as you buy shampoo produced by regular manufacturers with safe materials, you can clean it and ensure safety at the same time. But in the selection process, you also need to consider your own hair quality. Some people have a lot of oil secretion. It is best to choose oil-control shampoo. After washing, most of the oil is removed, so that the hair can be dry and the scalp is comfortable. If you always have itchy scalp or even have a lot of dandruff, you should choose an anti-dandruff and anti-itch shampoo. These symptoms can be improved after washing. What should I pay attention to when washing my hair?

1. Appropriate water temperature

Washing hair is a science, and you should pay attention to water temperature control in order to improve the safety factor. Some people often wash their hair with cold water, but they don’t know that in the cold autumn and winter, the ambient temperature drops. Frequently washing the hair with cold water can easily allow cold air and moisture to invade. be stimulated. Not good for circulation. The hot water should not be used to wash the hair, otherwise it will easily stimulate the scalp and cause discomfort. The temperature should be controlled, and warm water should be chosen to wash the hair, so that the hidden dangers are reduced.

2. Wash your hair at the right time

Many people wash their hair in an inappropriate way, and not washing their hair at the right time has the same effect. If you want to improve the safety factor, it is best to wash your hair at an interval after eating at noon. The temperature at this time is relatively high and it is not easy to catch cold. Especially in autumn and winter, when the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, washing your hair as soon as you get up can easily cause dizziness. And wash your hair before going to bed, go to bed before the hair is completely dry, and the head will also get cold during the process of water evaporation. Therefore, it is best to choose to wash the hair at noon.

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