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How should diabetics eat? Remember these 4 eating tips, blood sugar dare not soar

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:36:53

How should diabetics eat? Remember these 4 eating tips, blood sugar dare not soar

High blood sugar is a problem encountered by many people. When the indicators are not well controlled, it may develop into diabetes, which will cause various adverse symptoms. Those who have frequent nocturia, dry mouth, and numbness in the limbs should have relevant examinations as soon as possible. In addition, there are many ways to control blood sugar. In addition to loving sports and rational use of hypoglycemic drugs, diet should also pay attention to details. The method during the meal is appropriate, and the blood sugar will not soar rapidly.

1. Slow down when eating

In order to make blood sugar more stable, eating habits should be appropriate, among which slow down during eating Speed, take the method of chewing slowly, and you will find that the indicators are more stable. Some people eat very fast, and they may finish their meal in a few minutes. During this process, they will provide a lot of energy, and they have already provided a lot of food before they can send out the signal of fullness, which will increase the digestive pressure and have excess nutrients, and will gradually gain weight. Consequences And postprandial blood sugar rises. Of course, this behavior will increase the digestive pressure on the stomach by consuming too much food, which is an unhealthy behavior, and it is necessary to slow down the speed of eating.

2. Drink some soup before meals

Drinking some soup before meals can make blood sugar more stable after meals. Some people can't control the speed of eating when they are obviously hungry, and they will quickly ingest food, invisibly obtain too much nutrition and energy, and blood sugar will fluctuate. Drinking some soup before eating will occupy a part of the stomach, and there will be no obvious hunger, and the amount of food ingested in the future can be reduced. In this way, you can avoid providing too many calories, and you can better control your weight at the same time. Let blood sugar stabilize.

3. Stay away from high-calorie foods

Avoid high-calorie foods while eating, which can provide nutrients and keep indicators normal. Some people's blood sugar rises rapidly and the disease continues to develop. The reason is that they only choose food according to their hobbies during the meal process. They feel that meat food is more delicious, and vegetables, fruits, etc. have no taste, so most of them like to eat fatty meat. However, meat foods are high in calories, which can easily affect weight and even change blood sugar. Some people are accustomed to eating desserts after meals, which will provide too much sugar and affect blood sugar. In order to stay healthy, keep out these high-calorie foods to keep diabetes away.

4. Eat less and more meals

Eating less and more meals is a good eating habit to control blood sugar. Some people strictly follow the principle of eating three meals on time. Eat a lot of food, get a lot of energy, easy to obesity or blood sugar fluctuations. However, those with reduced islet function consume less sugar, which may lead to diabetes. At this time, it is necessary to change their eating habits. It is best to eat less and more meals, which can not only avoid hunger, but also provide enough nutrition. Substances, without too much food intake, blood sugar can be well controlled.

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