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Watching dramas for 4 hours a day increases the risk of blood clots? 3 Ways to Help Clear Blood Vessels - wikiHow

Posting time:2022-12-03 03:07:11

Watching dramas for 4 hours a day increases the risk of blood clots? 3 Ways to Help Clear Blood Vessels - wikiHow

In life, many people have thick blood and do not realize it. They only become alert when the disease signal is issued. They may have missed the best time for treatment. By maintaining correct living habits and regular inspections, they can detect signs of disease in time. Those whose blood is too thick are at risk of developing blood clots over time, and the accumulation and sloughing of blood clots can narrow and block blood vessels, leading to more serious problems. To understand what conditions can accelerate the arrival of blood clots, and correct them as soon as possible. Does watching dramas for four hours a day increase the risk of blood clots? Insufficient physical activity for a long time is one of the reasons for the occurrence of blood clots, and some people like to watch dramas, and they may spend a lot of time watching dramas every day when they watch their favorite TV series. Maintained well, increasing the metabolic rate, the blood flow slows down over time, which may gradually thicken and increase the risk of thrombosis. Compared with those who love sports and are physically active, the risk of developing diseases is greater. It can be seen that if you want to reduce the risk of thrombosis and unclog blood vessels, you need to devote yourself to sports correctly. Even if you want to chase dramas, you must control the time. How to effectively unclog blood vessels?

1. Have enough exercise

To clean blood vessels and keep them unobstructed in daily life, there are many good methods that can be taken, For example, exercise appropriately. Promoting healthy exercise is a good method that basically costs nothing and can be done successfully with enough willpower. According to the strength of exercise ability, choose the appropriate project and persevere. During exercise, the body burns fat faster, which can excrete bad cholesterol. At the same time, it uses excess fat and carbohydrates, and the indicators are stable, which can better protect blood vessels. Of course, the benefits of exercise go beyond that. It can improve sleep quality, regulate endocrine, improve resistance, and delay the aging of the body. These are all things that can be harvested from exercise.

2. Correct diet

To clean blood vessels in daily life, you should master the correct diet. Excessive intake of many types of foods can increase blood viscosity and accelerate the arrival of blood clots. These foods should be avoided. Among them, high-sugar foods, foods rich in fat and cholesterol are best eaten less. Of course, don't eat too full at each meal, chew slowly during the meal, and control your weight to the greatest extent to maintain smooth blood vessels. In addition, various types of food have the effect of protecting blood vessels, and can supplement more antioxidant substances, including anthocyanin, lycopene, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which can improve the elasticity of blood vessels and delay aging. If enough unsaturated fatty acids can also be supplemented, it will help to reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

3. Supplement enough water

to properly regulate the body and protect blood vessels. People who protect blood vessels will add enough water every day. Water is the source of life. The metabolic rate increases, the harmful substances produced are excreted through urination, and the internal environment remains normal. Of course, there are not only blood, nutrients, but also water in the blood vessels. If you are dehydrated for a long time, in addition to dry mouth, decreased urination, and even the blood will become sticky. It can be seen that meeting the body's water needs is a good way to clean up blood vessels. You can drink some water at different times every day.

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