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Ingenuity precipitation, shining future: ZEISS "finishing" 2022 Vision China

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:23:46

Ingenuity precipitation, shining future: ZEISS "finishing" 2022 Vision China

A ray of sunshine spreads both sides of the strait, and thousands of sails compete to receive the new morning. From July 21st to 24th, "Vision China 2022" was held in Xiamen International Conference Center. The conference aims to break through the limitations of disciplines in professional fields, and jointly discuss new clinical technologies, new research trends, new trends in industrial development and new concepts of talent training that are closely related to visual health. More than 5,500 people attended the conference offline. A total of 64 sub-forums were held. 473 academicians, professors and other experts and scholars made 525 keynote reports. , equipment, network, public welfare, big data, investment management and other more than ten fields, covering the entire visual health industry chain. Among them, the progress of refractive surgery research is particularly eye-catching. "International Ophthalmology News" will walk into Vision China 2022 with you, listen to the authoritative interpretation of the mainstream trend of refractive surgery, and analyze the current situation and future of refractive surgery in detail. . All Platform, All Procedures, All Refractive Surgery Coverage: Exploring the Refractive Surgery Horizon Since its first introduction more than 30 years ago, the field of corneal and refractive surgery has come a long way. From femtosecond laser LASIK surgery to corneal transplant options and full femtosecond SMILE surgery, excellent cutting accuracy and speed, outstanding reliability and effectiveness, ZEISS optical quality, and highly convenient workflow features make the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser system An excellent adjunct to a variety of corneal treatment applications. Professor Zhou Xingtao from the Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University introduced the team's long-term research and lens observation on all-femtosecond SMILE. Through innovative scientific research and tackling technical difficulties, SMILE can not only correct refractive errors, but also provide new ideas and methods for the intractable problems in the field of corneal diseases through the preservation and application of corneal lenses. Professor Wang Yan from Tianjin Eye Hospital reviewed the development history of refractive surgery, pointed out the future development direction and trend of "minimally invasive, personalized, diversified and intelligent" refractive surgery, and emphasized the impact of biomechanics and artificial intelligence on refractive surgery. The important value of precision in photosurgery. Professor Chen Yueguo of Peking University Third Hospital analyzed the prevention and treatment of common complications of full femtosecond surgery, and pointed out that low laser energy, poor penetration and corneal epithelial edema are important reasons for the formation of dark spots. Professor Zhang Fengju from Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University shared a study on the influence of age on visual quality satisfaction after LVC surgery. Professor Zhang emphasized that understanding the needs of patients, establishing reasonable surgical expectations, complete and accurate preoperative assessment, and rational design of surgical plans are the guarantees to provide patients with full vision and meet their full life cycle needs. ZEISS Refractive Complete Solution: The finishing touch of refractive surgery. The ZEISS VisuMax+MEL90 platform comprehensively covers surface surgery, LASIK lamellar surgery and three-generation full femtosecond SMILE surgery, which can provide refractive surgeons with more Choice, to provide patients with an integrated holistic service. For many years, ZEISS has been adhering to the concept of "leading technological progress, ZEISS accompanies all the way", and strives to refine the "ZEISS Refractive Complete Solution" to provide eligible patients with better choices and integrated solutions for refractive surgery. Professor Bai Ji from the Department of Ophthalmology Bai Ji introduced the countermeasures for common clinical problems of presbyopia membranous refractive surgery, and proposed that paying attention to doctor-patient communication, understanding patients' needs, and multidisciplinary cooperation are an important way to solve the problem of presbyopia. Prof. Yang Yabo from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine analyzed the reasons for the loss of aspiration during laser scanning during full-flying surgery, and introduced the prevention and treatment methods for aspiration loss. How does full-flying surgery "get it right in one step"? Professor Hu Liang from the Ophthalmology and Optometry Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University explained the techniques and precautions of full-flying surgery in an all-round way from preoperative design, intraoperative operation to postoperative follow-up. Professor Tang Min of Huaxia Eye Hospital Group shared the shaping of refractive experts and brand influence. Through multi-channel and multi-carrier communication and sharing, more groups can understand the popular science knowledge related to refraction and better assist refractive doctors. work. Wu Tingting, manager of Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., shared the valuable experience of social education, patient education, and public welfare projects in the peak period to realize popular science and help eye health. "Classical inheritance and cross-border innovation, seamless integration of production, education and research, and equal emphasis on internationalization and localization", Vision China has gradually become a gold card for academic exchanges in the field of ophthalmology and optometry in the past 8 years, promoting the development and innovation of the field of visual health at home and abroad . Carl Zeiss will continue to work together with my country's ophthalmology cause and forge ahead, just as President Zhou Xingtao said: "For the health and light of all mankind, and for the sake of world peace!"

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